The King of Fighters '98/Kim

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Gameplay Overview


In-depth Analysis

Normal Throws

b or f + C - Kim does a spinning slam with his feet. Breakable, unrollable, back turned.

b or f + D - Kim tosses the opponent backwards with his legs.

Both throws set up for back turned crossups so use whichever offers the more favorable positioning.

Normal Moves

Standing A -

Standing D -

Close Standing C -

Crouching A -

Crouching B -

Crouching C -

Crouching D -

Jumping A -

Jumping D -

Jumping CD -

Command Normals

f + A Dora Yup Chagi - Kim executes a forward flying kick that covers a long range. It can go under lows after it starts up and can be canceled into his Hishou Kyaku (aerial qcf + K) to make Kim recover fast which makes the move safe on block, or can be canceled into his Hou'ou Kyaku DM (qcb, db, f + K) on hit to score large damage. Either way, the move has a lot of recovery if you do nothing, so if unsure on whether or not the move will be blocked go into the divekick for safety.

f + B Neri Chagi - Kim's signature overhead kick. Can hit twice if spaced correctly, although from max distance only one hit will register. If done too close it's possible for an opponent to not get hit by any of the overhead as there's a large gap with no hitbox in front of Kim. Use when you want to go for a grounded high-hitting option. If canceled into, it loses its overhead property, but can be canceled into a special or DM, although the f.B will not combo. What this means is that you can cancel a cl.C into f.B for pressure or a frametrap, but don't do it on hit.

Special Moves

Sanren Geki (qcb + P x 3) -

Hangetsu Zan (qcb + K) -

Haki Kyaku (d, d + K) -

Hishou Kyaku (In air, qcf + K) -

Ryuusei Raku (Charge b, f + K) -

Kuu Sajin (Charge d, u + P) -

Hien Zan (Charge d, u + K) -

Desperation Moves

Hou'ou Kyaku (qcb, db, f + K) -

Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku (In air, qcf x 2 + K) -