The King of Fighters '98/King

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Gameplay Overview


  • cr.B, cr.A xx Trap Shot (tornado kick and mirage kick can combo from cr.A, but require immediate canceling to combo and Tornado Kick can whiff is not close enough. Stick with Trap Shot.)
  • Close D xx D Tornado Kick
  • (Corner) cl.D xx Double Strike (Second hit does not combo midscreen)
  • (corner) cl.D (1 hit)/cl.B xx A Surprise Rose, D Tornado Kick. King's most damaging BnB that requires no meter. Surprise Rose generally does not lift crouchers, so keep it for stun combos or punishing mistakes.
  • cl.D (1 hit) xx Silent Flash. Must cancel cl.D on the first hit to connect, which requires buffering before doing the cl.D. Not the most practical, but can serve as a punish and deals more damage than her corner juggle.

In-depth Analysis

Normal Throws

b or f+C -

b or f+D -

Normal Moves

Standing B -

Standing C -

Standing D -

Close Standing B -

Close Standing D -

Crouching A -

Crouching B -

Crouching C -

Crouching D -

Jumping B -

Jumping D -

Standing CD -

Jumping CD -

Command Normals

df + D -

Special Moves

Venom Strike (qcf + K) -

Double Strike (qcf x 2 + K) -

Surprise Rose (dp + P) -

Trap Shot (dp + K) -

Mirage Kick (hcb + P) -

Tornado Kick (hcb + K) -

Desperation Moves

Illusion Dance (qcf, hcb + K) -

Silent Flash (qcb x 2 + K) -