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Hairy French Armpits

Just like her okizeme mix-ups, you become entangled in them.

Gameplay Overview

Rather than being a grappler in the similar vein as Ralf or Clark, Shermie operates with better aerial control via anti-air and air-to-air attacks that allows her to zone out characters or pressure them into cross-up and empty-hop > command throw set-ups. She differs in the sense that she doesn't pressure on the ground with good pokes and the same kinds of frame-traps and meaties that Clark and Ralf have aren't as good as theirs or that Shermie would rather just make use of safe-jump, ambiguous cross-ups. Though in a "footsie" sense her grounded normals aren't that well as others, her standing and crouching normals are rather well suited for stuffing hop-in and jump-in attempts. Thus Shermie becomes quite the character to try to approach yet her air game could be just as frustrating to play against.


  • j.C/D > st.C xx Shermie Spiral (hcf+P) > *Shermie Cute (qcf+K)
  • cr.A/B > st.B (1st hit) xx Shermie Spiral (hcf+P) > *Shermie Cute (qcf+K)

Regarding Shermie Cute, it's an okay move to stack on extra damage to finish off an opponent at the end of a round. Preferably, one would rather not do the Shermie Cute follow up because one would have better frame advantage to set up for an ambiguous, safe-jump cross-up that hit-confirms back into a combo with Shermie Spiral.

In-depth Analysis

Normal Throws

Shermie Flash: Original - b or f + C - Wake-up front turned

Front Flash - b or f + D - Wake-up back turned

Normal Moves

Standing A - A standard anti-air normal. Shorter horizontal range than other characters. In most situations that Standing A could be used, Crouching C would be preferable but this move still has its uses.

Standing B - The first hit is cancelable. This move could link from Crouching A and Crouching B. It's more difficult to link from Crouching B but being able to threaten with a low hitting, hit-confirm combo is well worth learning to help break alternate guarding opponents. It's a decent anti air to use from mid-range to stop a hop but it stays out for quite a bit of time so it's relatively easy to sweep.

Standing C - An outstretched palm attack that covers the area above Shermie's head and stop about right in front of her face. It's a move that is in the same spirit of E. Honda's far Fierce punch. This move isn't too reliable in hitting opponents let alone for pressuring and there are better anti-air options than it. It's used occasionally to frame trap an opponent by making the opponent to block a normal and if the opponent was mashing a reversal hop or tried to approach on the ground, the opponent will just be struck by the Standing C.

Standing D - A high kick that is similar to Goro's Standing D. What this move lacks is the horizontal range that Goro's Standing D has and it's very situational in anti-airing with.

Standing CD - Shermie defies gravity and positions her pelvic area in a stationary space and performs a drop kick without dropping. Acts like a sobat kick and it goes over most crouching attacks. Also functions as an anti air from a jump that was spaced far upon landing.

Close C - Very fast and very meaty move. Mainly used for confirming into Shermie Spiral.

Crouching A - A fast slap without much horizontal range. Could be used to do a meaty frame trap such as Crouching A > Close C. Generally it doesn't have much uses. Hits mid.

Crouching B - A low poke that isn't terribly fast. Good to use occasionally to break alternate guarding. Links into Standing B.

Crouching C - This is Shermie's best anti-air normal. Beats out most jump-ins. Easily whiff cancelable into Forward B for whatever kind of zoning/gimmick.

Crouching D - A relatively good sweep. It's good in that it shrinks Shermie's hitbox extremely low and it's hard to properly hop or jump onto her with a jump in. One would have to do a deep jump in to punish it; otherwise, this move easily acts like an anti-air since many jumps get caught by it. This sweep is also slower than most other sweeps and it's not as good to play footsies with.

Jumping A - An air to air. Mainly used during a hop to air to air a full/super jump.

Jumping B - Has a similar application to Jumping A.

Jumping C - One of Shermie's best jump-in attacks. It's an extremely good ambiguous cross up with a good hitbox. This is a key component of her okizeme game. It can air to air to an extent but it's not as good as her others.

Jumping D - An air-to-ground jump-in attack that's hard for a number of the cast to anti-air. It's similar to Goro's Jumping D. It's cross up hitbox is not as big as Jumping C but it's still pretty big for a KOF cross up. It also functions as an air-to-air attack against an airborne opponent that is about at the same height in the jump.

Neutral Jumping D - One of Shermie's best tools when going on the defense or trying to keep someone out during her neutral game. Shermie does a drop kick that directly hits horizontally and it beats out most aerial approaches as well as some grounded ones. Shermie could also keep herself safe from preemptive air-to-air attacks that are trying to stuff this attack by just Air Guarding during a Full Neutral Jump. Best not to use it too generously or the opponent could adapt and run under the full jump and meaty/anti-air Shermie on the other side.

Jumping CD - This move is similar to Shermie's Neutral Jumping D but her legs are further apart, signifying that her hitbox on this move is also wider. As a Jumping CD move, it doesn't have overhead properties but can control space like Neutral Jumping D from multiple angles and jumping/hopping trajectories.

Command Normals

Shermie Stand - f + B - A two hit move. The first hit has a mid property while the second hit has an overhead property (unless Shermie cancels into Shermie Stand from a normal move). Although not to be used too much, the first hit of Shermie Stand could be used as a means of anti-air. When canceled into, the second hit of this move becomes cancelable into a special or super although there isn't anything that combos afterwards.

Special Moves

Shermie Whip (qcb + P) -

Axle Spin Kick (qcb + K) -

Shermie Shoot (hcf + K) -

Shermie Spiral (hcf + P) -

Shermie Clutch (dp + K) -

Shermie Cute (qcf + K after a command throw) -

Desperation Moves

Shermie Flash (hcb x 2 + P) -

Shermie Carnival (hcf x 2 + P) -