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Hairy French Armpits

Just like her okizeme mix-ups, you become entangled in them.

Gameplay Overview

Rather than being a grappler in the similar vein as Ralf or Clark, Shermie operates with better aerial control via anti-air and air-to-air attacks that allows her to zone out characters or pressure them into cross-up and empty-hop > command throw set-ups. She differs in the sense that she doesn't pressure on the ground with good pokes and the same kinds of frame-traps and meaties that Clark and Ralf have aren't as good as theirs or that Shermie would rather just make use of safe-jump, ambiguous cross-ups. Though in a "footsie" sense her grounded normals aren't that well as others, her standing and crouching normals are rather well suited for stuffing hop-in and jump-in attempts. Thus Shermie becomes quite the character to try to approach yet her air game could be just as frustrating to play against.


  • j.C/D > st.C xx Shermie Spiral (hcf+P) > *Shermie Cute (qcf+K)
  • cr.A/B > st.B (1st hit) xx Shermie Spiral (hcf+P) > *Shermie Cute (qcf+K)

Regarding Shermie Cute, it's an okay move to stack on extra damage to finish off an opponent at the end of a round. Preferably, one would rather not do the Shermie Cute follow up because one would have better frame advantage to set up for an ambiguous, safe-jump cross-up that hit-confirms back into a combo with Shermie Spiral.

In-depth Analysis

Normal Throws

Shermie Flash: Original - b or f + C - Wake-up front turned

Front Flash - b or f + D - Wake-up back turned

Normal Moves

Standing A - A standard anti-air normal. Shorter horizontal range than other characters. In most situations that Standing A could be used, Crouching C would be preferable but this move still has its uses.

Standing B - The first hit is cancelable. This move could link from Crouching A and Crouching B. It's more difficult to link from Crouching B but being able to threaten with a low hitting, hit-confirm combo is well worth learning to help break alternate guarding opponents. It's a decent anti air to use from mid-range to stop a hop but it stays out for quite a bit of time so it's relatively easy to sweep.

Standing C - An outstretched palm attack that covers the area above Shermie's head and stop about right in front of her face. It's a move that is in the same spirit of E. Honda's far Fierce punch. This move isn't too reliable in hitting opponents let alone for pressuring and there are better anti-air options than it. It's used occasionally to frame trap an opponent by making the opponent to block a normal and if the opponent was mashing a reversal hop or tried to approach on the ground, the opponent will just be struck by the Standing C.

Standing D - A high kick that is similar to Goro's Standing D. What this move lacks is the horizontal range that Goro's Standing D has and it's very situational in anti-airing with.

Standing CD - Shermie defies gravity and positions her pelvic area in a stationary space and performs a drop kick without dropping. Acts like a sobat kick and it goes over most crouching attacks. Also functions as an anti air from a jump that was spaced far upon landing.

Close C - Very fast and very meaty move. Mainly used for confirming into Shermie Spiral.

Crouching A - A fast slap without much horizontal range. Could be used to do a meaty frame trap such as Crouching A > Close C. Generally it doesn't have much uses. Hits mid.

Crouching B - A low poke that isn't terribly fast. Good to use occasionally to break alternate guarding. Links into Standing B.

Crouching C - This is Shermie's best anti-air normal. Beats out most jump-ins. Easily whiff cancelable into Forward B for whatever kind of zoning/gimmick.

Crouching D - A relatively good sweep. It's good in that it shrinks Shermie's hitbox extremely low and it's hard to properly hop or jump onto her with a jump in. One would have to do a deep jump in to punish it; otherwise, this move easily acts like an anti-air since many jumps get caught by it. This sweep is also slower than most other sweeps and it's not as good to play footsies with.

Jumping A - An air to air. Mainly used during a hop to air to air a full/super jump.

Jumping B - Has a similar application to Jumping A.

Jumping C - One of Shermie's best jump-in attacks. It's an extremely good ambiguous cross up with a good hitbox. This is a key component of her okizeme game. It can air to air to an extent but it's not as good as her others.

Jumping D - An air-to-ground jump-in attack that's hard for a number of the cast to anti-air. It's similar to Goro's Jumping D. It's cross up hitbox is not as big as Jumping C but it's still pretty big for a KOF cross up. It also functions as an air-to-air attack against an airborne opponent that is about at the same height in the jump.

Neutral Jumping D - One of Shermie's best tools when going on the defense or trying to keep someone out during her neutral game. Shermie does a drop kick that directly hits horizontally and it beats out most aerial approaches as well as some grounded ones. Shermie could also keep herself safe from preemptive air-to-air attacks that are trying to stuff this attack by just Air Guarding during a Full Neutral Jump. Best not to use it too generously or the opponent could adapt and run under the full jump and meaty/anti-air Shermie on the other side.

Jumping CD - This move is similar to Shermie's Neutral Jumping D but her legs are further apart, signifying that her hitbox on this move is also wider. As a Jumping CD move, it doesn't have overhead properties but can control space like Neutral Jumping D from multiple angles and jumping/hopping trajectories.

Command Normals

Shermie Stand - f + B - A two hit move. The first hit has a mid property while the second hit has an overhead property (unless Shermie cancels into Shermie Stand from a normal move). Although not to be used too much, the first hit of Shermie Stand could be used as a means of anti-air. When canceled into, the second hit of this move becomes cancelable into a special or super although there isn't anything that combos afterwards.

Special Moves

Shermie Whip (qcb + P) - An anti-air catch attack that seems like a command throw. In actuality it's blockable and has pretty moderate recovery. It has a strange hitbox and it trades with many jump-in attacks. Doesn't have much uses and Shermie Spiral is the preferred special move to use in a combo. This move has better spacing and recovery once Shermie Cute is used rather than without, much unlike Shermie Spiral.

Axle Spin Kick (qcb + K) - A delayed kick attack that doesn't combo from any normal. It goes over low attacks but it generally is unsafe and punishable.

Shermie Shoot (hcf + K) - Shermie dashes forward and grabs the opponent within this range. This move isn't too reliable against players that don't freeze up or panic as this move could be reacted to and punished before the dash even reaches. This move also has considerable recovery on whiff.

Shermie Spiral (hcf + P) - Shermie's most important special move as it is a good command grab that sets up into Shermie's okizeme game and could combo from lows and jump-in combos. Once the opponent is scared into just blocking the safe jump on okizeme, Shermie could easily just empty hop to either side and land this command grab. This throw can't be ground teched and leaves the opponent in a back-turned position when waking up.

Shermie Clutch (dp + K) - An anti-air special similar to Rose's Soul Throw from Street Fighter. The angle and priority of this move is terrible and Shermie's normals are much preferred as anti-air.

Shermie Cute (qcf + K after the following attacks) - A follow up attack that could be performed after Shermie Whip, Shermie Spiral, and Shermie Clutch. This move stacks a bit of extra damage and is mainly used to finish a Shermie Whip or for finishing the opponent off after a Shermie Spiral.

Desperation Moves

Shermie Flash (hcb x 2 + P) -

Shermie Carnival (hcf x 2 + P) -