The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest

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KoF98 logo.gif


Following the conclusion of the "Orochi" saga (marked by the '97 tournament), SNK decided to release a new "dream match" (meaning the characters in the game are not bound by a storyline; evidenced by the fact that the Orochi team was still alive for this tournament). The gameplay featured the same selectable super meter system as KoF '97. In addition, SNK added the "Advantage" system that allowed the losing team to earn an advantage each round (extra stocks for Advanced mode or a shorter charge bar for Extra mode). Many consider The King of Fighters '98 to be their favorite KoF game due to its play mechanics and large roster.

KoF98 screen1.png Kof98screen.gif KoF98 screen2.jpg


Joystick Notation

                   .- up (u)
  up back (ub) - 7 8 9 - up forward (uf)

      back (b) - 4   6 - forward (f)

down back (db) - 1 2 3 - down foward (df)
                   `- down (d)

Note: These numbers can be easily referenced by looking at your keyboard "numpad". Think of it as a joystick/controller that is facing to the right. "5" is used to signify "neutral".

Motion Abbreviations

  • QCF - 236 - Quarter circle forward/Hadouken/Fireball - Tilt stick downwards, then to downwards and forward, then forward.
  • QCB - 214 - Quarter circle backward - Tilt stick downwards, then to downwards and backward, then backward.
  • HCF - 41236 - Half circle forward - Tilt stick backwards, then to downwards and backward, then to downward, then to downwards and forward, then forward.
  • HCB - 63214 - Half circle backward - Tilt stick forwards, then to downwards and forward, then to downward, then to downwards and backward, then backward.
  • DP - 623 - Dragon punch - Tilt stick forwards, then to downward, then to downward and forward.
  • RDP - 421 - Reverse Dragon Punch Motion - Tilt stick backwards then to downward, then to downward and backward.
  • 360/FC - 62486 - Full circle - Complete a full rotation of the stick.
  • 720 - 624862486 - Complete a 720 degree rotation of the stick.
  • Charge (Set) - . - Hold a tilt - Hold the stick (~1 second) in either B or D (Depending) then move to F or U respectively.
  • TK - 2369 - Tiger Knee Motion - QCF, then move to forward and upward.

Four Button Notation

  • A - LP - Light Punch
  • B - LK - Light Kick
  • C - HP - Hard Punch
  • D - HK - Hard Kick

Game Mechanics

KOF98 has two basic modes of play. Both are explained below.

Advanced Mode

Basic Commands

Block - hold 4 (air)

  • While blocking, you take no damage from normals and reduced damage from specials and Desperation Moves.

Backstep - 4,4

Dash - 6,6 (hold second 6 to run)

Short Hop - Tap 7 / 8 / 9

Jump - Press 7 / 8 / 9

Super Jump - Tap 2, 7 / Tap 2, 9 / Dash, 9

Roll (forward) - A B

Roll (backward) - 4 A B

  • With these moves you roll forward or backward and are temporarily invincible during the roll. You can, however, be thrown out of this by command grabs (not standard 4 / 6 P / K throws)

Down Evade - A B as you land

  • With this you can recover as soon as you hit the ground after being knocked down.

Throw Escape - 4 / 6 P / K as you're thrown

Guard Cancel Roll - Block, A B

Guard Cancel Strike - Block, C D

Strike Attack - C D (air)

Activate Power Gauge - A B C (1 point)

Taunt - Press Start

Power Gauge

In Advanced Mode, you have a power gauge that fills over the course of a fight. It is filled by :

1. Taking damage.

2. Dealing Damage.

3. Using a special (regardless of whether or not it connects).

Once the gauge fills, you are awarded a POW point. You may hold up to 3 of these points. POW points can be used to :

1. Perform a Desperation Move (costs 1 POW point).

2. Activate your Power Gauge. (costs 1 POW point).

3. Perform a Guard Cancel Roll / Strike (costs 1 POW point).

When you activate your Power Gauge, you glow/flash and the Power Gauge slowly depletes itself. A multitude of things happen during this time :

1. All of your attacks have increased damage (25%).

2. You can perform a Super Desperation Move. These are the same commands as your standard DMs, but they often have different attack animations and do larger amounts of damage to the opponent. (costs 1 POW point).

3. You gain the ability to use Guard Cancel Roll / Strike freely. Each use has no effect on your Power Gauge.

Extra Mode

Basic Commands

Block - hold 4 (air)

  • While blocking, you take no damage from normals and reduced damage from specials and Desperation Moves.

Backstep - 4,4

Dash - 6,6 (quick hop)

Short Hop - Tap 7 / 8 / 9

Jump - Press 7 / 8 / 9

Super Jump - Tap 2, 7 / Tap 2, 9 / Dash, 9

Evade - A B

  • With this move you dodge while standing in place and are temporarily invincible during the dodge. You can, however, be thrown out of this by command grabs (not standard 4 / 6 P / K throws).

Counter Attack - A B, P / K

  • This is done while using the Attack Evade

Down Evade - A B as you land

  • With this you can recover as soon as you hit the ground after being knocked down.

Throw Escape - 4 / 6 P / K as you're thrown

Guard Cancel Evade - Block, A B

Guard Cancel Strike - Block, C D

Strike Attack - C D (air)

Charge Power Gauge - A B C (until Power Gauge is at maximum capacity).

Taunt - Press Start

Power Guage

In Extra Mode, you have a power gauge that fills over the course of a fight. It is filled by :

1. Taking damage.

2. Charging.

Once the gauge fills, it says "MAXIMUM" and begins to slowly empty. During this time your body glows/flashes and a multitude of things happen :

1. All of your attacks do 50% more damage.

2. You may perform a Desperation Move.

3. You may perform a Guard Cancel Evade / Strike.

  • Doing either of the latter 2 will drain your gauge and return you to normal.

When you are at 20% or less health, your Life Gauge begins to flash red. During this time, a multitude of things happen :

1. You may perform DPs freely.

2. You may perform Guard Cancel Evades / Strikes freely.

3. If your Power Gauge reaches maximum, you may perform Super Desperation Moves. These are the same commands as your standard DMs, but they often have different attack animations and do larger amounts of damage to the opponent.

  • If your life should increase back above 20% for any reason, you lose all of the benefits of a low Life Gauge.


Your team has an effect on the way that the game is played. While selecting your team, you can hold down the Start button and see three types of faces next to your characters. The three types determine a few things. They are :

1. Red Face (Angry) : This means that the character does not like the rest of your team. After they lose, they will remove one POW point from the next fighter. Also, they will be unwilling to use their jump in attack to save you from an attack while dizzy/throw.

2. White Face (Neutral) : This means that the character has no strong emotions one way or the other. They are not likely to use their jump in attack, and when they lose they will have no effect on the POW points of the next fighter.

3. Yellow Face (Happy) : This means that the fighter has been put in a team that he enjoys. He will be more likely to help out your current fighter (although he still won't very often), and he will pass on one POW point to the next fighter when he loses.

  • The bits about POW points only applies to Advanced mode.

When a character is defeated, the winning character regains a small amount of health. In addition, losing a team member gives the losing player an advantage (so long as the option is enabled).

In Advanced mode, you can have an extra POW point after each fighter is lost. The first fighter has a maximum of three, the second fighter has a maximum of four, and the last fighter has a maximum of 5.

In Extra mode, your Power Gauge is shortened after each fighter is lost. The first fighter has a full length Power Gauge, the second fighter has one that is 25% shorter than normal, and the third fighter has one that is 50% shorter than normal.

Game Versions

The Characters

Japan Team

Fatal Fury Team

Psycho Soldier Team

Art of Fighting/Kyokugenryu Team

Ikari Warriors Team

Orochi Team

Women's Team

'97 Special Team

Korea Team

'98 "Father" Team

Yagami Team

US Sports Team

Orochi Unleashed Team (Secret Team)

Edit Characters

EX Characters

KoF '98 Final Boss