The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest

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The King of Fighters '98: The SlugfestKOF98Logo.png


Following the conclusion of the "Orochi" saga (marked by the '97 tournament), SNK decided to release a new "dream match" (meaning the characters in the game are not bound by a storyline; evidenced by the fact that the Orochi team was still alive for this tournament). The gameplay featured the same selectable super meter system as KoF '97. In addition, SNK added the "Advantage" system that allowed the losing team to earn an advantage each round (extra stocks for Advanced mode or a shorter charge bar for Extra mode). Many consider The King of Fighters '98 to be their favorite KoF game due to its play mechanics and large roster. A remake of '98, dubbed "The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match", was released for the Playstation 2 in 2008. It added a new Ultimate style, new stages, and many new characters that were missing in the orignal '98. For all of this extra stuff, check below under the "Game Versions" section and click "Playstation 2".

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Overview of KOF 98.

Mechanics and Notes

Mechanics of KOF 98.


Controls and basic notation of KOF 98.

Joystick Notation

                    .- up (u)
  up-back (u/b) - 7 8 9 - up-forward (u/f)

       back (b) - 4 5 6 - forward (f)

down-back (d/b) - 1 2 3 - down-forward (d/f)
                    `- down (d)

Note: These numbers can be easily referenced by looking at your keyboard numpad. Think of it as a joystick/controller that is facing to the right. "5" is used to signify "neutral".

Motion Abbreviations

qcf - 236 - Quarter circle forward/Hadouken/Fireball motion - In one smooth motion move to down -> down-forward -> forward.

qcf - 214 - Quarter circle backward - In one smooth motion move to down -> down-back -> back.

hcf - 41236 - Half circle forward - In one smooth motion move to back -> down-back -> down -> down-forward -> forward.

hcb - 63214 - Half circle backward - In one smooth motion move to forward -> down-forward -> down -> down-back -> back.

dp - 623 - Dragon Punch motion - In one smooth motion move to forward -> down -> down-forward.

rdp - 421 - Reverse Dragon Punch motion - In one smooth motion move to back -> down -> down-back.

Charge - Hold the given direction (usually back/down) for around 1 second, before moving to the next command (usually forward or up a button).

tk - 2369 - Tiger Knee Motion - qcf, then move to up-forward.

Attack Notation

A - LP - Light Punch

B - LK - Light Kick

C - HP - Hard Punch

D - HK - Hard Kick

CD - Blow back attack, press C and D simultaneously.

P - Any punch

K - Any kick

Other common abbreviations

j. - Jump/jumping - Press up-back, up, or up-forward.

nj. - Neutral jump - Referencing specifically for directly upward jump, especially for specific attacks that only occur in this state.

sj. - Super jump - Tap down, down-back, or down-forward, then quickly press up-back or up-forward.

sh. - Short hop - Lightly tap up-back, up, or up-forward.

hh. - Hyper hop - Tap down, down-back, or down-forward, then quickly and lightly tap up-back or up-forward.

cl. - Close, as in a close normal attack.

cr. - Crouching, as in a crouching normal attack.

st. - Standing, as in a far standing normal attack.

f. - Forward, and relative to the direction the character is facing.

b. - Back, and relative to the direction the character is facing.


KOF98 kyo select face.pngKOF98 benimaru select face.pngKOF98 daimon select face.png KOF98 terry select face.pngKOF98 andy select face.pngKOF98 joe select face.png KOF98 ryo select face.pngKOF98 robert select face.pngKOF98 yuri select face.png
KOF98 leona select face.pngKOF98 ralf select face.pngKOF98 clark select face.png KOF98 athena select face.pngKOF98 kensou select face.jpgKOF98 chin select face.png KOF98 chizuru select face.pngKOF98 mai select face.pngKOF98 king select face.png
KOF98 kim select face.pngKOF98 chang select face.pngKOF98 choi select face.png KOF98 yashiro select face.pngKOF98 chris select face.pngKOF98 shermie select face.png KOF98 ryuji select face.pngKOF98 mary select face.pngKOF98 billy select face.png
KOF98 iori select face.pngKOF98 mature select face.pngKOF98 vice select face.png KOF98 heidern select face.jpgKOF98 Takuma select face.jpgKOF98 saisyu select face.jpg KOF98 heavy select face.pngKOF98 lucky select face.pngKOF98 brian select face.png
KOF98 oyashiro select face.pngKOF98 ochris select face.pngKOF98 oshermie select face.png KOF98 rugal select face.pngKOF98 orugal select face.pngKOF98 shingo select face.png
Japan Team Fatal Fury Team Art of Fighting Team
Ikari Warriors Team Psycho Soldier Team Women Fighters Team
Korea Team Orochi Team Special Team
Yagami Team Oyaji Team American Sports Team
Orochi Unleashed Team Single Entry/ Boss
EX Characters

Game Versions

Additional Information

Dune's hitbox data - Not complete, but most of the popular characters are there. The first link for each character is the hitbox data (scroll down in the right frame), then movelist, then additional information.

YouTube - Yes, YouTube! Never forget this as a great resource to see many matches and learn from them.

MoFile - This is the Chinese YouTube basically. You might get a rough connection to there, so try to access during the day when it is late/early night in China. Here are some good accounts for videos to browse: Dove 三台野 鸿牛

Credits and Disclaimers

Extra things.


[KoF 98 tiers] (taken from the latest Tougeki-Special Issue # 4)

A: Kyo, Daimon, Chizuru, Iori

B: Benimaru, Robert, Ralf, Chang, EX Yashiro, Chris, EX Chris

C: EX Kyo, Terry, Joe, Yashiro, Takuma

D: Ryo, Clark, Kensou, Yamazaki, Mary, Mature

E: EX Terry, EX Ryo, Leona, Athena, Chin, Mai , EX Mai, King, Choi, Kim, Shermie, Vice, Shingo, Saishu

F: EX Robert, Yuri, Heavy D

G: Andy, EX Yuri, Billy, Heidern, Brian, Rugal

H: EX Andy, EX Joe, EX Billy, EX Shermie, Lucky