The King of Fighters 2006

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Wiki for The King of Fighters 2006


Game Mechanics

Basically it's a 4-button game: LP, HP, LK, HK. Pressing buttons in different combinations will result in additional techniques. Here a list of stuff:

f+HP = Throw f+HK = Throw

LP+LK = Sidestep (into the background) d+LP+LK = Sidestep (into the foreground)

[LP+LK] or b+[LP+LK] = Sidestep into Sidewalk*

  • As long as you are holding LP+LK you will continue to sidewalk in the initial direction.

b+LP+LK = Roll Back f+LP+LK = Roll Forward

b+LP+LK or f+LP+LK (During Guard) = Counter Roll*

  • Costs 1 meter
  • Can also be done after being Sabaki'ed (still costs 1 meter)

HP+HK = Power Attack*

  • Can also be done in air.
  • Can also be done after being Sabaki'ed (still costs 1 meter)

HP+HK (During Guard) = Guard Break* (actually it's an Alpha Counter)

  • Costs 1 meter.

b+LK+HP = High/Mid Sabaki (Parry basically) db+LK+HP = Low Sabaki

LP+LK (when hitting ground) = Break Fall (basically backwards tech roll) LP or HK (when on ground) = Quick Getup HP (when on ground) = Quick Getup (into the background) LK (when on ground) = Quick Getup (into the foreground)

In addition to all that stuff, there are also numerous command normals for each character. You'll have to learn those on your own.


There are 3 meters: Health, Guard, and Super.

Super meter can be filled up 3 times during round one (unless options have been changed). However, if a player loses the first round, they will be able to build up 5 supers in the next round. So, if both characters lose a round, in the third round they will both be able to build up 5 meters. In team matches, however, loss of one round would only allow you to go up to 4 super bars and losing two rounds would allow you to go up to 5 bars.

Super Cancels are done by doing a SC-able move into a super. A SC costs an additional meter on top of the normal super cost. For example: Terrys QCB,DB,F+P takes 1 meter, but canceling Burn Knuckle into it will cost 2 total (QCB+LP -> SC QCB,DB,F+P).

If you guard, your guard meter goes down. Pretty straightforward. However, from what I've seen so far, it doesn't ever go back up (for that round) until you've been guard-broken. When you run out of guard meter, the meter begins filling back up but it's red (instead of green). During this time, you can be constantly guard-broken. Ow.

General Strategy

The Badguy of G3 Evolution: Quickly looking at the situation and your opponents reactions are essentials skills in any fighting game, this game is no different.

Sabaki and Counter Sabaki Tactics So your opponent is really good with sabaki and often does the pattern sabaki > attack. In this game its essential to learn counter sabaki, for most attacks you actually have a higher chance of doing c-sabaki (counter-sabaki) by crouching and simply hittin sabaki unless they use an overhead or a jumpin attack. If your opponent follows sabaki > attack, your practical options are:

c-sabaki > attack

c-sabaki > attack (SP+SK)

c-sabaki > evade (LP+LK)

c-sabaki > overhead (if possible)

c-sabaki > walk-in throw * (i've come to realize this is a very safe path its hard to escape the throw on time and many people dont see it coming not very damaging but very safe, its really good for characters like billy and K' since they can combo out of their normal grabs)

If you follow c-sabaki > attack and you realize your opponent is also skilled in c-sabaki, another good tactic is to bait out the c-sabaki so the pattern follows like this

enemy sabaki > attack

you c-sabaki > do nothing

enemy sabaki >

While the enemy is in the whiffed sabaki state you can punish him nicely =D. Personally I find this a good time to do lvl3 specials (so you get the full damage) or even combos that only work on crouch opponents (if you know any) this is also a great set up for special command grabs. you can also do my personal favorite which is c-sabaki > jump-in attack. This total throws of peoples sabaki's and you can do big damage this way.

Tier List


Alba Meira, Athena Asamiya, Billy Kane, B. Jenet, Chae Lim, Clark Still, Duke, Fio Germi, Hyena, Iori Yagami, Jivatma, K', Kim Kap Hwan, Kula Diamond, Kyo Kusanagi/Kyo-Classic, Leona, Lien Neville, Lilly Kane, Luise Meyrink, Mai Shinranui, Maxima, Mignon Beart, Nagase, Nightmare Geese, Ninon Beart, Ralf Jones, Rock Howard, Ryo Sakazaki/Mr. Karate, Seth, Soiree Meira, Terry Bogard/Wild Wolf, Yuri Sakazaki