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* [[Benimaru Nikaido (KOF:XI)|Benimaru Nikaido]]
* [[Benimaru Nikaido (KOF:XI)|Benimaru Nikaido]]
=== Ikari Team ===
=== Ikari Warriors Team ===
* [[Ralf Jones (KOF:XI)|Ralf Jones]]
* [[Ralf Jones (KOF:XI)|Ralf Jones]]
* [[Clark Steel (KOF:XI)|Clark Steel]]
* [[Clark Steel (KOF:XI)|Clark Steel]]

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Released in arcades in 2005, The King of Fighters XI is SNK's latest and hotly anticipated 2D fighting exploit. Featuring a roster of over 40 characters, XI continues the saga set out by KoF 2003 as Ash Crimson continues his hunt for power. Featuring a series of new gameplay systems such as Skill Stocks and Dream Cancels, KoF XI shakes up the established King of Fighters formula. Add onto that the 3-man tag system from KoF 2003 and SNK strikes back with an A+ title in an age of dying 2D fighters.

KoFXI screen1.jpg KoFXI screen2.jpg KoFXI screen3.jpg

Game Versions

  • Arcade (Atomiswave)
  • Playstation 2

Game Mechanics

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy


S tier Gato > Kula ≧Oswald

A tier Kim > Eiji ≧ Kyo

B tier Clark > Duck ≧ Ash = K` ≧ Jenet > Maxima

C tier Ralf > Terry ≧ DL ≧ Kensou > Shen ≧ Iori > Vanessa > Beni = Adel > Malin ≧ Yuri ≧ Kasumi > Ryo ≧ Gai > Jyazu > Elizabeth > Silber

D tier King > Shingo ≧ Ramon ≧ Mary > Athena ≧ Griffon

E tier Whip ≧ Momoko > Syo

-Latest Jap list

The Characters

Hero Team

Fatal Fury Team

Rival Team

Ikari Warriors Team

Agent Team


Anti-Kyokugenryu Team

Kyo & Iori Team

Art of Fighting/Kyokugenryu Team

Mark of the Wolves Team

Psycho Soldier Team

EX Characters (Sub-Bosses)

Boss Characters (Playable on PS2 Only)

PS2 Exclusives