The King of Fighters XI

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The logo of The King of Fighters XI.
The character select screen. A number of hidden characters are found off-screen.


Released in arcades in 2005, The King of Fighters XI is SNK's latest and hotly anticipated 2D fighting exploit. Featuring a roster of over 40 characters, XI continues the saga set out in KoF 2003 as Ash Crimson continues his hunt for power. Featuring a series of new gameplay systems such as Skill Stocks and Dream Cancels, KoF XI shakes up the established King of Fighters formula. Add onto that the 3-man tag system from KoF 2003 and SNK strikes back with an A+ title in an age of dying 2D fighters.

Kyo's fireball returns. This game also marks the final appearance of Iori's flames. Console-exclusive hidden characters Robert Garcia and Tung Fu Rue. Both retain their moves from NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.

Game Versions

  • Arcade (Atomiswave)
  • Playstation 2

Game Mechanics


The buttons are laid out differently from previous incarnations of the KOF series. While the familiar Neo Geo KOF names and functionality have been kept, the basic buttons have been rearranged, and a fifth has been added:

(A) (C) (E)
(B) (D)

A = Light Punch

B = Light Kick

C = Strong Punch

D = Strong Kick

E = Blow-Off Attack

Start = Taunt

Special Commands

Move Command
Tag/Shift AC (first character)
BD (second character)
Quick Shift During certain attacks, AC or BD
Saving Shift AC or BD when hit
Guard Cancel Shift AC or BD when blocking
Emergency Evade/Rolling AB
Guard Cancel Emergency Evade f or b+AB when blocking
Guard Cancel Blow-Off E when blocking
Fall Breaker/Recovery AB or f+AB before hitting the ground
Throw Escape f or b+C or D
Attack Cancel Forward Roll AB during normal or command attacks



  1. Kula, Gato
  2. Oswald
  3. Duck, Eiji, Jenet, Gai, Kim
  4. Ralf, Clark, Kyo, Jyazu, Silber, Ryo
  5. Ash, K', Terry, Maxima, Vanessa


SS-tier ~ Gato, Kula

S-tier ~ Oswald, Eiji, Duck (2P), Kim, Clark, Hayate*

A-tier ~ Ralf, Duck, Kyo, Maxima, Ryo, Gai

B-tier ~ Jenet, K', Ash, Terry, Shen, Jyazu, Silber, Vanessa, Kensou

C-tier ~ Malin, Iori, Duolon, Adelheid, Benimaru, Elisabeth

D-tier ~ Yuri, Ramon, Mary, Shingo, King, Griffon

E-tier ~ Kasumi, Momoko, Athena, Whip, Hayate*

Character Usage At Tougeki 2006

~ Courtesy of Snowman ~

  1. Gato - 46
  2. Kula - 38
  3. Oswald - 28
  4. Kim - 11
  5. Duck King/Clark - 8
  6. Maxima - 7
  7. Eiji - 6
  8. Kyo - 5
  9. Ash/Ralf/Terry - 4
  10. K'/Duo Lon/B.Jenet - 3
  11. Ryo/B.Mary - 2
  12. Yuri/Elisabeth/Kensou/Shen/Athena/Malin/Iori - 1

The Characters

Hero Team

Fatal Fury Team

Rival Team

Ikari Warriors Team

Agent Team


Anti-Kyokugenryu Team

Kyo & Iori Team

Art of Fighting/Kyokugenryu Team

Mark of the Wolves Team

Psycho Soldier Team

EX Characters (Sub-Bosses)

Boss Characters (Playable on PS2 Only)

PS2 Exclusives

PS2 Arranged Mode