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Goro Daimon

KOFXIII-Daimon Face.png

In a nutshell

Initially he may be a plain looking character compared to the rest of the KOF cast, Daimon has demonstrated spacial dominance and a frightening mix-ups based around his grappling game. He was a top tier monster in The King of Fighters '98 and he returns as a very competent grappling character. Some fans even regard Daimon's defense/turtling game to be called the "Wall of Goro" with his innate ability to keep out with his quick, long limbs. Up close, his ability to just trap the opponent in the corner is fearsome with his good aerial normals during his hop and his ability to mask tick throw attempts with chunky attack strings. Together with the buffs he received in the console version of The King of Fighters XIII, Daimon is certainly a force to be reckoned with.


Video Walkthrough

Move List

Frames Advantage Properties Block Damage Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 4/3/9 +3/+1 Cancel.pngChaincancel.png HL 30 A quick, mid-height punch that chains into itself. A new option to meaty with on okizeme to prevent the opponent from jumping out; but this leaves Goro in a better position to maintain pressure, setup for a tick throw, and hitconfirm into a command throw. It's much better than it was in previous installments.
Snkc.gif 5/4/16 +1/-1 Cancel.png HL 80 Previously, this was Daimon's main meaty attack on okizeme in which Daimon could cancel into (Df.png + Snkc.gif) and hitconfirm into a command throw or a Desperation Move. It more or less hasn't changed and it's still the fast attack it has always been with long active frames. Typically on block, Daimon would be left at neutral advantage so it usually is a safe attack to commit to this attack on okizeme; but with the better Cl.Snka.gif, it may not see as much use. On the other hand, this attack would be better for punish and what not with its faster start-up and damage than a Cl.Snka.gif hitconfirm combo.
Standing Far
Snka.gif 5/5/9 +1/-1 Cancel.png HL 30 Daimon's "Stop Sign" returns. This move is one of Daimon's great normal moves to keep hopping opponents out. It may even hit the larger, crouching characters to extend its utility. Of course of all of Daimon's anti-air options, this attack is the quickest and carries the least risk in lieu of higher damage. Still, it makes the opponent second guess when to try to open Daimon up. No easy feat at all.

Chain: ender

Snkb.gif 4/4/11 0/-2 Cancel.png Low.png 40 Another classic: this attack is Daimon's best grounded poke to play footsies with the opponent. Although it lacks the range it did in past KOF titles such as King of Fighters 98, it still has about the same speed (start-up and recovery) and hits low from a far enough distance to give other characters trouble trying to poke it back. An interesting property is that Daimon lacks a Close Standing Light Kick now. Meaning, he's able to do his Standing Light Kick from closer distances, could be used in hitconfirms, and be more liberally used to break alternate guard attempts more quickly without committing to Crouching Light Kick that is slower or a Crouching Heavy Kick that has more risk and recovery but less range. This attack still is definitely a terrifying move.

Chain: ender

Snkc.gif 9/4/25 -8/-10 - HL 80 Daimon's furthest reaching, anti-air, normal move. It doesn't have quite the vertical cover that his other attacks have, this is mainly used against hop attacks and those jumping in from further out. If anything, this is an extended Standing Light Punch with further range and nets higher damage at the expense of having higher risk and recovery speed. Compared to the old games, this move has lost some range as well but it's no move to sleep on because of it.
Snkd.gif 6/6/18 -3/-5 - HL 90 Look at this bad boy! Although, it too has lost some horizontal range compared to its past iteration as a Far Standing Heavy Kick. This doesn't mean this move is bad, far from it even. It's one of Daimon's greatest anti-air attacks that hits in a nice 45°- 55° angle with his Daimon's feet as his base point. It's fast, has a great hitbox, and takes a good chunk of health out of the opponent with just one button. This along with Close Standing Heavy Punch are great for safe, empty hop/jump option selects and really catches the opponent escaping from a command throw situation.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 15/17/14 KD/+2 Specialcancel.pngSoftknockdown.png HL 75 Heavy forward palm strike that causes a soft knockdown. This is a decent tool to throw into a blockstring occasionally or use as a meaty, though Daimon has better, less telegraphed options with less pushback on block. Even though this attack could anti-air, Daimon has much more solid options such as Standing Heavy Kick and Zujoubarai (Df.png + Snkc.gif). Not nearly as good as Daimon's JSnkc.gif+Snkd.gif.
Snka.gif 6/4/8 +3/+1 Cancel.png HL 25 A fat low jab, a crouching stop sign. Daimon's Cr.Snka.gif is a great frametrap tool for creating fancier blockstrings and combos. This move leaves Daimon at a much greater advantage on block that his Cr.Snkb.gif and it directly cancels into specials and Zujoubarai (Df.png + Snkc.gif). Daimon can create a nearly-uninterruptable blockstring by attacking with his Cl.Snkc.gif immediately after using this attack and should the opponent have rolled Daimon could land an option select normal grab as a punish. It's also worth noting that this attack combos/cancels into Zujoubarai (Df.png + Snkc.gif) and even if blocked the series will leave Daimon spaced out far enough so that he's only punishable by fast, usually meter-depleting, moves.

Chain: ender

Snkb.gif 4/6/7 +2/0 - Low.png 30 A slower and un-cancelable low kick. Although Daimon can't chain into a combo from this low kick, he can link into any of his instant grabs on hit, and the kick's long duration allows a Daimon player to hitconfirm and even buffer a grab. This can be used to break alternate guard attempts while actually being confirmable into a throw, unlike his St.Snkb.gif which must be canceled and can't be hitconfirmed on its own. So while this is a good low threat, especially as the opponent wakes from a knockdown, the resulting frame advantage isn't as solid as Daimon's Cr.Snka.gif and so he can't do as many tight blockstrings or setups after using this attack.
Snkc.gif 8/8/17 -4/-6 Cancel.png HL 80 Daimon's Cr.Snkc.gif is usually a rather poor crouching headbutt, but in KOF XIII he has a much improved 'low strong' type horizontal crouching punch that can be canceled now. The attack bears resemblance to Daimon's St.Snkc.gif, though the crouching version is improved for blockstrings and poking since it cancels. This gives Daimon a new tool for ending blockstrings or playing footsies that he's never had before, so it's certainly a welcome addition.
Snkd.gif 6/7/14 KD/-2 Cancel.pngSoftknockdown.png Low.png 80 Though a rather short sweep, Daimon's Cr.Snkd.gif is a strong okizeme tool though it's lackluster as a midscreen footsie tool. After getting a knockdown, sweeping the opponent on wakeup is a solid option: if the opponent expects a mid attack like Cl.Snka.gif and wants to start alternate guarding to nullify the threat of Daimon's grabs, then the sweep can catch the opponent off guard blocking high while trying to wiggle between standing and crouching; a meaty sweep will also punish any backdash or jump attempt made by the opponent in anticipation of Daimon regrabbing; and though Daimon's sweep lacks range, don't forget about it for creating short blockstrings. Landing Daimon's sweep will cause another knockdown which grants him another heavy mixup and discourages the opponent from jumping/backdashing/alternate guarding which really primes them up for getting grabbed or baiting a reversal from a flustered opponent.
Snka.gif 5/5/- - - High.png 45/40 Downward punch that has less reach than J.Snkd.gif although the hitbox is located higher up which could allow it to possibly air-to-air despite it being primarily angled for air-to-grounds. Not too impressive, although the slight hitbox differences from his other jumping attacks could give this attack rare use just because it's so unexpected.
Snkb.gif 5/8/- -/- - High.png 45/40 A downward-angled falling knee attack that can work as a jump-in but because of Daimon's other, stronger jump-in options this attack is more reserved for doing a tick throw or for crossing up the opponent. For sure, this is Daimon's easiest cross up attack so it's certainly not without its midscreen merits.
Snkc.gif 9/6/- -/- - High.png 72/70 Daimon's crazy elbow attack is better than it's ever been. Although this looks like a primarily horizontal attack, the vertical reach is much better this time around which even allows this move to cross up. Good air-to-air choice though this can lose to more purely-horizontal jumping attacks or lose when jumped on from above. This is also a solid air-to-ground attack though Daimon overextends his body which can make it easier for the opponent to run underneath Daimon and anti-air him with a vertical attack. A solid vertical-horizontal attack that reaches further than Daimon's JSnkd.gif and monstrous J.Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif.
Snkd.gif 6/6/- -/- - High.png 70/68 Daimon's go-to air-to-ground attack. In older KOF games this beast started up so quickly that it functioned as an instant overhead, though this is not true anymore in KOF XIII. Since the startup is more standardized Daimon can time this attack much like a standard jump in in order to start a combo, though the huge vertical reach still allows Daimon to attack early and land into a quick command grab mixup. This is Daimon's primary overhead threat after a knockdown since he can combo off this move or blockstring into further options, or simply do nothing from a hop and land into an immediate command grab attempt.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 12/6/- KD/- Hardknockdown.pngWallbounce.pngCounterhit.png HL 90/80 A slightly downward-angled palm thrust which can function as a mighty air-to-air while still having a deep enough hitbox to hit crouching characters and give Daimon a large frame advantage on block. The horizontal reach on this attack isn't as long as his J.Snkc.gif, and J.Snkd.gif outclasses it in vertical depth, but the opponent simply will not want to get touched by this move: unlike all other Jumping Blowback Attacks, Daimon's will cause a hard knockdown on hit which slides the opponent across the ground, back toward the corner. After landing this in the corner, Daimon can in fact OTG the opponent with Kirikabugaeshi (Hcf.png+Snkc.gif) (though doing so will toss them out of the corner).

-If this attack registers as a counter hit, the opponent will bounce off the wall and fall down around midscreen in a freely hittable state. Daimon can capitalize off a wallbounce easily with Zujoubarai (Df.png + Snkc.gif) which can combo into Kumotsukaminage (Hcf.png + Snka.gif) for a knockdown, be canceled into Chou Ukemi (Qcb.png+Snkb.gif) to gain frame advantage, or even be used to activate into an HD combo. -A meaty or delayed JSnkc.gif+Snkd.gif will absolutely destroy any jump or backdash attempts and give Daimon a long time to run forward and go straight into another grappler mixup.

Command Normals
Df.png + Snkc.gif 5/6/24 -9/-11 Specialcancel.png HL 60 A notorious anti-air that was so overwhelming in KOF 98 that it effectively shut down nearly all jumps and hops which forced opponents to deal with Daimon's overpowering grounded footsies. In XIII, Daimon's Zujoubarai is still a diabolical anti-air though its horizontal reach is slightly toned down so that it doesn't hit out as far as Daimon appears to be reaching. Don't let the slight range change fool you; Daimon still has a great vertical hitbox that's fast and can anti-air hops and if it hits he can follow it up with his staple grappler okizeme game, end with a special or DM, or even land an HD combo from a single anti-air. Daimon players should really know the effective range of this attack and reposition themselves into its active range or recognize when it wont work; opponents should approach Daimon carefully with longer horizontal jump-ins in order to stay outside of Daimon's Absolute Terror Field.

-In most instances where Daimon anti-airs a somewhat deep opponent, he can cancel (Df.png + Snkc.gif) into (Hcf.png + Snka.gif) for a knockdown that causes around 15% meterless, which could then be Super Canceled if needed. Not every anti-air can be followed into this attack, and even when it combos Daimon will toss the opponent behind him which can sacrifice his positional advantage so other options are useful to know. -To get better frame advantage, Daimon can do a '98 classic and cancel his command normal into (Qcb.png + Snkb.gif) to roll forward and return to neutral quickly. This allows him to more easily get back on the opponent. -At very specific heights, Daimon can do Df.png + Snkc.gif xx Qcb.png + Snkb.gif xx Dp.png+Snka.gif and if Daimon is able to time his ground pound to hit just as the opponent lands into the ground, then it will register as an OTG. The exact timing and setups for landing this OTG are strict and will vary depending on how high the opponent is sent flying from an anti-air, so unlike in KOF 98 the followup is very difficult to pull off. -Daimon can start an HD combo from an anti-air Zujoubarai (Df.png + Snkc.gif) by BCing it immediately into (Hcf.png + Snka.gif): Df.png + Snkc.gif (BC) Hcf.png + Snka.gif. If the anti-air attempt loses, whiffs, or trades then Daimon wont be able to cancel into HD mode so buffering the BC input works as an option select. -The juggle properties on this move are specific, but (Hcf.png + Snka.gif) will always work afterward assuming the attack comes out fast enough and connects. Shortly after a (Df.png + Snkc.gif) anti-airs, the command normal can combo into itself again. This primarily works in the corner where Daimon can land up to four hits before the opponent is launched too high and thus cannot further be hit in time. The easiest way to start this juggle is after landing Daimon's EX Tenchigaeshi (Hcb.pngF.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif ) in the corner, but another riskier method would be to sniff out and punish a backdash or jump in the corner directly with Zujoubarai.

F.png/B.png + Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif 0 KD Hardknockdown.png Throw.png 100 Daimon trips the opponent which causes a hard knockdown and keeps the opponent close to Daimon. A safer alternative to Daimon's command grabs which will automatically option selects common throw escape methods.
    • By waiting until the opponent is nearly standing and then super jumping forward with a very late Jumping Light Kick/Heavy Punch, Daimon can cross up the opponent.
    • Sets up for an easy mixup between meaty (safe) jump-in or empty hop command grab mixup.
Special Moves
Hcf.png + Snka.gif 6/2/31

Ex.png: 5/2/39


Ex.png: KD/-18

Drivecancel.pngHardknockdown.png HL Snka.gif: 120

Ex.png: 210

Kumotsukaminage- A move that should come off as familiar to anyone familiar with Street Fighter's Abel. Daimon reaches into the air in an attempt to grab the opponent down, though the hit detection registers as a physical hit, i.e. it's not a grab. This makes it interruptable when used as an anti-air and it's very prone to trading which will cause zero damage to the opponent. Daimon has better anti-air options anyway, so saving this move for combos is safer especially when considering an anti-air ( Df.png + Snkc.gif ) can combo into this move. Super Cancelable, but keep in mind that Daimon tosses the opponent behind him so it's possible to throw the opponent out of the corner.

Ex.png: More damaging and slightly improved as a raw anti-air due to a very minor startup invuln window. This can and still will trade which is no good, so be careful if deciding to throw it out raw instead of going for a more reliable anti-air.

Hcf.png + Snkc.gif 19/2/26 KD/-5 Drivecancel.pngOtg.pngHardknockdown.png HL 80 Kirikabugaeshi- Daimon bends over and grabs at the opponent's legs. This physical attack can OTG and Drive Cancel which really helps out in Daimon's HD combos. Although the range is now shorter than it's usually been, it can still be spaced to be somewhat safe on block to give Daimon more blockstring and frametrap options.
Hcb.png F.png + Punch.gif 1/1/37

Ex.png: 1/1/41


Ex.png: KD/-41

Hardknockdown.png Throw.png 30+120

Ex.png: 40+50+100

Tenchigaeshi- Instant grab into an over the shoulder toss that causes a hard knockdown, though Daimon's advantage afterward is only just enough to run back in on the opponent just to keep on top of his oki pressure. Daimon's instant grab is a great tool for punishing any move that's negative on block and its throw range extends further than ( Dp.png + K.png ) and so it's easier to hitconfirm into. Strong overall tool that discourages the use of grab-punishable moves or standing next to Daimon as he wakes up, and its a faster option from an empty hop for beating an option select or simply catching the opponent trying to block.

Ex.png: Daimon's throw range is further increased on the EX version and once it connects the opponent is tossed into the air which now allows Daimon to move freely to follow it up. If Daimon doesn't touch the opponent they'll take damage when hitting the ground and suffer a hard knockdown. There's a lot of leeway on what Daimon can do for a followup to this attack.

Dp.png + Kick.gif 9/3/31

Ex.png: 9/2/20


Ex.png: KD/-20


Ex.png: Drivecancel.pngStartupinv.png

Throw.png 140


Chou Oosotogari- A true delayed command grab that considerably boosts Daimon's grappling prowess. Once input, Daimon holds out his hands for a split second during which time he is completely attack and throw invulnerable, and then afterward he executes a command grab. This isn't a spectacular move for punishing like a standard instant grab, but it's very easy to tick throw into Chou Oosotogari or even meaty the opponent on oki with it. If the opponent blocks or tries to attack Daimon then his ( Dp.png + K.png ) will automatically win and score a great knockdown which can even be Super Canceled. Daimon can even combo into this grab, a feat that wasn't possible in previous games.

-Leaves Daimon with greater frame advantage on hit compared to Tenchigaeshi ( Hcb.pngF.png + P.png ). He can safely go for a safe jump, cross up, or setup of choice afterward. -Super Cancels nicely to add on extra damage to combos or raw grabs. Ex.png: Though slightly more damaging, the real specialty of the EX delayed grab is that the recovery time is significantly shortened. Even if Daimon whiffs this grab, the opponent may not be able to punish him. This allows Daimon to try and blockstring or tick into his delayed grab with much less risk if willing to spend the meter.

Dp.png + Snka.gif 27/2/34

Ex.png: 15/6/33


Ex.png: -31


Ex.png: Drivecancel.pngHardknockdown.png


Ex.png: High.png


Ex.png: 100*2

Jiraishin- Daimon's ground pound; In order to dodge the pound, the opponent must either be in the air or be crouching. Most specials, especially projectiles, force the opponent to stand which Daimon can then capitalize on and punish from fullscreen from a smart read. If whiffed, Daimon may be jumped on or at the least sacrifice time and spacing to the opponent. The Snka.gif version can also OTG if it connect as an opponent hits the ground after being anti-aired by Zujoubarai ( Df.png + Snkc.gif ).

-Daimon builds a decent chunk of super meter after executing this move, and on hit he builds additional meter as well as a portion of drive meter. -Daimon crouches on the ground during the pound's recovery. His lowered hitbox can allow him to duck underneath certain non-grounded projectiles to avoid taking a trade. Ex.png: The faster startup of EX Jiraishin let's Daimon punish projectiles and laggy moves more consistantly, though the damage increase from the pound is minimal. More interesting is that from up close Daimon gains an active hitbox when slamming down and this hitbox is an overhead. The overhead cannot be comboed into, though if it hits the pound will also connect which causes double the amount of damage. From up close this gives Daimon a fast and damaging overhead option for closing out matches or for demolishing alternate guard with blockstrings such as cr.B, st.B xx dp+AC.

Dp.png + Snkc.gif 33 - - -- 0 Jiraishin (fake)- The Snkc.gif version is a feint and doesn't build any meter, so it's really only useful for baiting the opponent.
Qcb.png + Kick.gif Snkb.gif: 34

Snkd.gif: 41
Ex.png: 37

- Snkb.gif: Specialcancel.png

Ex.png: Specialcancel.pngStartupinv.png

-- 0 Chou Ukemi- A command roll that looks identical to Daimon's standard roll, but behaves with different properties. The Snkb.gif roll can be canceled into special moves at any time, though the roll itself leaves Daimon vulnerable to attacks at all times. It's main use aside from trickier tick throw is that Daimon can cancel normals into the light Chou Ukemi and then combo by canceling the roll. The Snkd.gif roll isn't too exciting as it can't cancel and like a regular roll, but it makes Daimon attack immune up until the roll recovery and he'll roll a little further (and also recover slower). It's notable that Daimon can never cross up an opponent with any Chou Ukemi.

-Builds a sliver of meter when performed. Ex.png Chou Ukemi (Qcb.png + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif)- Invulnerable on startup much like a regular roll, though Daimon can cancel this move directly into specials. Combines the strengths of both Ukemis. This can be used as a reversal though remember that Daimon won't roll through the opponent and he can already do a reversal roll without spending meter, so it's best saved in instances where the player will cancel into a special after reversaling with it.

Hcb.png Hcb.png + Punch.gif 1/2/49

Ex.png: 1/1/41

KD/- Hardknockdown.pngMaxcancel.png Throw.png 20*4+150

Ex.png: 20*8+100+80

Jigoku-Gokurakuotoshi=Instant grab DM that ends with Daimon tossing the opponent across the screen while leaving a slim frame advantage to Daimon. Daimon can get more damage off an EX Tenchigaeshi ( Hcb.pngF.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif ) though doing so often involves sending the opponent backward and possibly out of the corner, so by ending a combo or landing this attack raw Daimon can keep up his spacial advantage.

-Works as a nice OTG when Super Canceled into from ( Dp.png + Kick.gif ), ( Hcf.png + Snka.gif ), and ( Hcf.png + Snkc.gif ). It's also much more efficient than the EX version for MAX Canceling. Ex.png: Better reach and damage than the standard DM. Good as a combo ender or even to punish certain specials when going for the kill. -Absolutely terrible for MAX Canceling since most of the added damage comes at the end when the opponent falls, meaning canceling into Neo Max will negate most of the added damage and essentially waste one extra super bar.

Qcf.png Qcf.png + Snka.gif+Snkc.gif 1/30/11 KD/- Counter.pngHardknockdown.png - 571/500 Kyoutendouchi- A high/low/mid counter when activated raw. The counter animation is identical to the startup of ( Dp.png + Kick.gif ) which makes it difficult to look out for this move, though if a player keeps a close eye on Daimon's meter stocks they'll see that activating the counter immediately depletes his meter resources. If it's triggered, enjoy watching all of the opponent's life go away instantly since this is the single most-damaging Neo Max in the game. Registers 9.5 on the Richter Scale.

-Deals amazing damage from a MAX Cancel, though unfortunately for Daimon he has to spend three super bars to MAX Cancel since he can't otherwise combo into a counter move.

Console Changes

  • Crouching C has faster recovery.
  • EX Chou Ukemi (qcb+BD) can be canceled with a special move, so Goro can go straight into a throw from his invincible roll.
  • EX Chou Oosotogari (dp+BD) has faster recovery when whiffed.
  • Kirikabugaeshi (hcf+C) has faster recovery when whiffed. It does not cause knockback when blocked.
  • Kirikabugaeshi (hcf+C) and Kumotsukaminage (hcf+A) can be Drive-canceled.
  • Added a Super Cancel version of Jigoku-Gokurakuotoshi (hcb hcb+P).


0% Drive

0 Bar

  • cr.D xx qcb+B xx late hcf+C / dp+A
    • since cr.D is soft knockdown, these combos only work when the opponent does not recovery roll.
    • Combos from Daimon's sweep, hcf+C does more damage and allows super/drive cancels, while dp+A will keep them in the corner.
  • cl.A cl.A st.B xx hcb f+P - (239)
    • Daimon's new hitconfirm chain series. His instant grab has more range and damage than dp+K, though its followup time is lesser.
  • cl.A st.B xx dp+K - (194)
    • Harder to confirm into, but sets up more oki options.
  • cl.C df+C xx hcb f+P - (291)
    • Basic meterless punish that follows the standard close attack x command normal xx special combo archetype.
    • You can still use a roll before the throw by doing hcb+B~f+P, if you find it easier to do it that way.
  • cl.C df+C xx qcb+B ~ dp+K - (263)
    • Trickier to land the correct timing to correctly cancel Daimon's roll into dp+K so that it connects, though the oki setups are better and the damage loss is minor.
  • cr.B, hcb f+P - (193)
    • Note that this is a link, not a cancel. Daimon can hitconfirm a single cr.B into any of his instant grabs. This is a safer choice for breaking alternate guard than committing to st.B xx command grab which can't be confirmed.
  • (anti-air + counterhit) df+C xx hcf+A - (168)
    • df+C followup that connects in most instances, giving Daimon better damage off an anti-air.

1 Bar

  • cl.C df+C xx hcb hcb+P - (344)
    • Daimon's old DM combo. If the input is too difficult, stick with hcb,f+AC which can deal around the same damage and in come cases even more damage from the resulting juggle.
  • cr.B, hcb hcb+P - (248)
    • Super link. Daimon can buffer part of the DM before doing a cr.B, though he could also use hcb,f+AC and go into a followup instead.
  • cl.A cl.A st.B xx hcb,f+AC, run forward df+C xx hcf+A - (291)
    • After hcb,f+AC Daimon has a number of options. This is a simple damage followup that works midscreen and could possibly lead into an HD combo or a Super Cancel with more meter to spare.
  • (corner only)...hcb f+AC, st.B (kara cancel) hcf+A, df+C x 4 xx hcf+A - (?)
    • Daimon's corner df+C juggle. The key to landing multiple df+Cs is to hit the opponent very low to the ground and then time the additional hits immediately afterward. There's a trick that helps with timing, and by whiffing st.B into hcf+A Daimon can tip the opponent which slightly bumps them while doing no damage which results in the opponent falling much slower afterward which makes the timing afterward more easy to hit.
      • Daimon can also end with ...df+C xx qcb+B, dp+A and although the timing is more difficult, the opponent will stay cornered afterward.

50% Drive

0 Bar

  • dp+K (DC) qcb+B xx hcf+C - (212)
    • Don't even waste meter for this combo unless the added damage will close out a match. However, Daimon's HD combo loops this Drive Cancel so it's important to be able to pull off in HD mode.

1 Bar

  • dp+K (SC) hcb,hcb+P - (358)
    • Buffs the amount of damage dealt from Daimon's delayed grab. Sacrifices oki, but puts Daimon away from the opponent which gives him space to start working a strong neutral game afterward.
  • df+C xx hcf+A (SC) hcb,hcb+P - (363)
    • Another demonstration of Daimon's newly-added OTG super cancel. Adds extra damage to an anti-air df+C combo.

100% Drive

0 Bar

  • cl.C df+C (HD) cl.D xx dp+K (HDC) [qcb+K xx hcf+C (HDC)] x 5 - (557)
    • Daimon's meterless HD combo loop. Can also be ended with qcb+B xx dp+A to possibly keep the opponent cornered. The only difficult part is finding the correct timing to cancel qcb+B into hcf+C so that Daimon's close enough for it to combo.
    • Also can be started from df+C: df.C (HD) hcf+A (HDC) [qcb+K xx hcf+C (HDC)] x 4. Daimon's unique in that he can confirm into a HD combo from an anti-air and option select a BC input whenever attempting a df+C anti-air, since it it trades or whiffs or loses he wont active HD mode.

1 or 2 Bars

  • cl.C df+C (HD) cl.D xx dp+K (HDC) [qcb+K xx hcf+C (HDC)] x 4 (SC)...
    • ...hcb,hcb+P - (621)
    • ...hcb,hcb+AC - (713)
      • The meterless loop, only ended with a DM of choice. Still startable from df+C as mentioned above.

3 Bars

  • cl.C df+C (HD) cl.D xx dp+K (SC) hcb,hcb+P (MC) qcf,qcf+AC - (896)
    • Whoa! Insane damage from one of the easiest HD combos in the game. The only downside is that Daimon absolutely requires 3 super bars to combo into his Neo Max since it's usually a counter. Almost a fatal combo, and again this can be started from an anti-air df+C!
    • You can add on a qcb+B into hcf+C to quickly change sides with the opponent to possibly corner the opponent, but the more hits before the Max Cancel cause further damage scaling and really only serve to build the opponent's meters, so keep it short and simple.
    • Don't bother Max Canceling with hcb,hcb+AC since most of its damage comes from the ending pound which gets cut off by the Max Cancel.


Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tips and Tricks

Team Order

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