The King of Fighters XIII/Game Elements/Character Select Screen

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Character Selection

Button Config

Before allowing character selection, KOF XIII offers players two options of button layout.

Scheme 1


  • This first layout is the new school box-shaped style with both Punch attacks on the top row with both Kicks below, while also having the both Heavy attacks juxtaposed right of the Light attacks. This configuration was first seen in The King of Fighters XI and is similar to the layout players might recognize from the Street Fighter series.

Scheme 2

  • This second style is the classic NeoGeo MVS control scheme. The buttons are arranged in alphabetical order similar to one of the layouts from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. While arguably more ergonomic than the 'box' layout as each button can covered at all times by a different finger, the deciding factor should be which control scheme feels more natural to a player.

Member Select

After selecting your control scheme, you may pick 3 characters to form a team. You may also use the random select option spaces to allow the computer to select either a whole team or a single character for you.

Strategy Corner In the arcade releases of KOFXIII there exists a bug to select the same character more than once. To do this, simply time the random select to stop on a character that you have already selected.