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KOFXIII-Kyo Face.png

In a nutshell

Kyo is of course the original protagonist of this "crossover series", and in this iteration of the game is featured as the well rounded character that has all the fundamental tools to win. His exceptional ability to go on offense with a fast hop with a great downward hitting jump-in coupled with fast, low-hitting attacks that hitconfirm into knockdown combos makes his offensive game quite scary. As a contrast, he is also fitted with the tools to be able to keep out opponents with long reaching horizontal jumping attacks, projectiles, and great grounded normal attacks. He isn't the best in either fields but ranks high in either style of play and putting both playstyles together makes him to be force to be reckoned with.

Video Walkthrough

Move List

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Standing Light Punch
Standing Light Kick
Low.png nocommandcancel
Standing Heavy Punch
Close Heavy Punch
Standing Heavy Kick
Nocancel.png Lowerbodyinv.png
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Lp.png
Crouching Light Kick
D.png + Lk.png
Low.png Nocancel.png rapidfire
Crouching Heavy Punch
D.png + Hp.png
Crouching Heavy Kick
D.png + Hk.png
Low.png Softknockdown.png
Blowback Attack
Hp.png + Hk.png
Jumping Light Punch
air Lp.png
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
Jumping Light Kick
air Lk.png
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
High.png Nocancel.png
Jumping Heavy Punch
air Hp.png
Jump: 72
Hop: 70
High.png Nocancel.png
Jumping Heavy Kick
air Hk.png
Jump: 70
Hop: 68
High.png Nocancel.png
Jumping Blowback Attack
air Hp.png + Hk.png
Jump: 80
Hop: 70

Unique Attacks

Special Properties (glossary)
Goufu You
F.png + Lk.png
High.png Nocancel.png
Goufu You (cancelled-into)
F.png + Lk.png
88 Shiki
Df.png + Hk.png
1st Hit: 30
2nd Hit: 45
1st Hit: Low.png
2nd Hit: Low.png Nocancel.png
Naraku Otoshi
air D.png + Hp.png
against airborne opponents: Hardknockdown.png


Special Properties (glossary)
Issetsu Seoi Nage
F.png or B.png + Hp.png or Hk.png (while close)
1st Hit: 60
2nd Hit: 38
Throw.png Softknockdown.png

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
108 Shiki: Yamibarai
Qcf.png + P.png
P.png : 60
Ex.png : 100
Ex.png : Softknockdown.png
100 Shiki: Oniyaki
Dp.png + P.png
Lp.png 1st hit: 55
2nd hit: 25
Hp.png 1st hit:80
2nd and 3rd hit: 25x2
Ex.png 1st hit: 70
2nd till 10th hit: 20x9
Startupinv.png Softknockdown.png
75 Shiki: Kai
Qcf.png + K.png
Lk.png 1st and 2nd hit: 35x2
Hk.png 1st and 2nd hit: 30x2
Ex.png 1st and 2nd hit: 40x2
Lk.png 2nd hit: reset
Hk.png and Ex.png : juggle Softknockdown.png
Ex.png : Upperbodyinv.png
222 Shiki: Kototsuki You
Hcb.png + K.png
K.png 1st hit: 30
2nd hit: 135
Ex.png : 180
K.png : Softknockdown.png Lowerbodyinv.png
Ex.png : Throw.png
101 Shiki: Oboroguruma
Rdp.png + K.png
Lk.png 40
Hk.png 1st and 2nd hit: 40x2
3rd hit: 70
Ex.png 1st and 2nd hit: 60x2
3rd hit: 100
Lk.png : juggle Softknockdown.png
Hk.png and Ex.png : Hardknockdown.png
Ex.png : Startupinv.png

Desperation Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Ura 108 Shiki : Orochinagi
Qcb.png Hcf.png + P.png
P.png : 210
Ex.png 1st till 3rd hit: 120x3
Startupinv.png Softknockdown.png
P.png : Airok.png
Ura 111 Shiki : Ama no Murakumo
Qcf.png Qcf.png + Lp.png + Hp.png
1st till 10th hit: 45x10

Apprentice Combos


Tips and Tricks

  • Kyo's qcf + D cannot be punished by most characters. But those with one frame grabs can. Against these characters, make sure to hitconfirm into qcf+D, otherwise use qcf+B or df+D (1hit) hcb+K for combos.
  • cr.B cr.A df+D (1 hit) hcb+K is somewhat easier to input than cr.B cr.B st.B hcb+K, but the latter combo works at a slightly bigger range and does a little bit more damage.
  • Generally, Kyo could perform 3 crouching light attacks as a blockstring on an opponent and could land a hyper hop j.2C a cross up on most characters regardless of the opponent crouching or standing. Similarly, Kyo could cross up as well from 2 crouching light attacks on block but with a full jump j.2C instead.


0 Bar, 0% Drive

  • cr.B cr.A df+D (1 hit) hcb+K (213, 10)
  • cr.B cr.B st.B hcb+K (218, 9)
  • cl.C df+D (1 hit) hcb+K (239, 11)
  • (jump attack) cl.C qcf+D hcb+K (258, 15)

1 Bar, 0% Drive

  • cr.B cr.A df+D (1 hit) qcb hcf+P (258, 10)
  • cl.C df+D (1 hit) qcb hcf+P (287, 11)
  • (jump attack) cl.C qcf+D qcb hcf+P (303, 15)

1 Bar 50% Drive

  • cr.B cr.A df+D (1hit) hcb+K (DC) qcf+D qcb hcf+P (298, 18)
  • cr.B cr.B st.B hcb+K (DC) qcf+D qcb hcf+P (303, 17)
  • cl.C df+D (1 hit) hcb+K (DC) qcf+D qcb hcf+P (331, 19)
  • (jump attack) cl.C qcf+D rdp+D (2 hits) (SC) qcb hcf+P (348, 23)
  • (corner only) (jump attack) cl.C df+D qcf+D rdp+B (SC) qcb hcf+P qcf+A hcb+K (480, 36)

2 Bar 100% Drive

  • (corner only) (jump attack) cl.C qcf+D rdp+B (SC) qcb hcf+P qcf+A rdp+D (2 hits) (SC) qcb hcf+P (552, 33)

Basic Strategy


  • In regards to rushing down an opponent, Kyo has the ability to really get in an opponent and make the opponent question whether or not to block low or high as Kyo is able to get simple hit-confirms and damaging, knockdown combos from both jump-ins and low light attacks.
    • Up close, Kyo can pressure an opponent with hopping j.B (Jumping B, Jumping Light Kick) as it has a great, fast, vertical hitbox that is quite difficult for most characters to try to anti-air on reaction due to the fact that Kyo can stick out an early j.B and induce large hit-stun on hit and still be able to combo afterwards. Couple this with a fast cr.B (Crouching B, Crouching Light Kick) that links into cr.A (Crouching A, Crouching Light Punch) and confirms into an easy knockdown combo such as cr.B, cr.A xx df.D xx hcb+D (D, Heavy Kick), Kyo could really earn quite amount of damage and set up for another high/low mix up on okizeme.
    • Against characters that could easily anti-air j.B with a grounded normal attack, Kyo could use this opportunity to mix-up and opponent with an early jumping attack with a greater hitbox than j.B such as j.2C (Jumping Downward C, Naraku Otoshi). Doing a well spaced, early j.2C will be able to stuff anti-air attempts that beat out j.B, but the move will whiff upon a crouching opponent that doesn't attack and leave Kyo vulnerable. In comparison to previous incarnations of Kyo, j.2C usually added a great deal of push-back so Kyo wouldn't be able to hit confirm two light attacks let alone give him a combo from one; but in KOFXIII, the push-back isn't as great so Kyo is able to jump in more liberally with j.2C and get a cr.B, cr.A into knockdown combo.
    • Kyo has the ground normals to be able to maintain the pace while close to the opponent. If an opponent wants to anti-air a hop, other than using j.2C in a trap Kyo could utilize his sweep or fireball to punish the opponent. If the opponent figures to try to hop over Kyo's sweep or fireball, Kyo could just use st.A (Standing A, Standing Light Punch), cl.C (Close C, Close Heavy Punch), or cr.C (Crouching C, Crouching Heavy Punch). Coming full circle, if the opponent tries to sweep against Kyo's anticipated anti-air attemps, Kyo could simple hop on the opponent's sweep with a j.B.
    • When the opponent is knocked down or just simpled scared into plainly blocking, Kyo could do an empty hop to fake a jump-in attack and go straight into a low attack as he lands. Alternatively if Kyo has meter, he could use his EX hcb+K attack (222 Shiki: Kototsuki You) as it has command throw properties. If an opponent is not knocked down, Kyo can't perform a safe jump or safe hop as he does an empty jump/hop and the opponent could option select by pressing cl.C/D as Kyo is landing. Otherwise if Kyo performs a safe jump/hop, the opponent doesn't have the luxury of doing the option select and will have to jump or hop if the opponent anticipates the command throw mix-up. Kyo in this case could just empty jump/hop into his forward throw as it double as an option select as well. If the opponent tried to hop in response to a command throw, Kyo's normal throw would not come out but instead a cl.C would hit and anti-air the opponent. The weakness of doing a normal throw is that normal throws could be teched upon reaction and if the opponent anticipates a simple normal throw.


  • As a zoning character, Kyo is able to utilize his fireball, aerial normals, and grounded normals quite similar as how Iori used to zone in previous games.
    • As a grounded projectile, Kyo's fireball is susceptible to being hopped over or jumped over; but that encourages the opponent to go into the space Kyo readily controls with j.D, st.A, cr.C, and Kyo's dp+P (100 Shiki: Oniyaki).
    • Unlike in previous games though, j.D didn't whiff against crouching opponents when done close to the ground. Now in KOFXIII, it only seems to hit on large, crouching characters such as Raiden, Goro, and Maxima. Since there isn't trip guard in KOFXIII, any character hopping or jumping into a cr.B attack or sweep will land on the ground into the attack and will be immediately be in a combo while grounded. So Kyo will have to pay mind controlling the hop and jump space with j.D or an opponent could just easily crouch underneath and score a combo on Kyo. A Kyo player will need to understand and set up and opponent to anticipate such a mistake, and the Kyo player will need to understand when to use j.B to control the downward space coming down from a hop or jump. Otherwise, Kyo could use j.D as a means of control air space from angles that his ground normals and "shoryuken" can't reach or win and really use the tip of his jumping heavy kick to stop advances from the opponent.
    • Another note to keep in mind is that Kyo can cancel his backdash into his j.2C. This not only increases the distance that Kyo's backdash travels but also decreases the recovery time as he lands from his backdash. Use this as a means of moving about the screen and in trying to optimize the Kyo's ability to control areas on screen.
    • In previous games, Iori's sweep was too risky to use since it was greatly punishable on block so in situations Iori had to sweep to counter poke, he'd use his fireball instead. In Kyo's case, he can similarly do the same thing just in case Kyo's sweep might not reach in time or is up against a move that might have a hitbox advantage against Kyo's sweep. Just like Iori in previous games, Kyo's fireball is vulnerable to hops so doing a fireball midscreen as a poke is just as risky or even riskier than an actual sweep so keep in mind of the risk and the set up.

Advanced Strategy

Frame Data

Block Frames
Move Name HL Damage Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery Hitstun Blockstun On Hit On Guard Notes
Standing Lp.png HL 25 ch/sp/su 3 3 6 14 13 +4 +3
Standing Lk.png L 30 sp/su 5 3 11 14 12 +1 -1
Standing Hp.png HL 80 sp/su 9 5 23 20 18 -7 -9
Close Hp.png HL 70 sp/su 2 2+6 11 20 19 +2 +1
Standing Hk.png HL 80 - 7 5 21 20 18 -5 -7 Lower body invincibility
Crouching Lp.png HL 25 ch/sp/su 4 4 8 14 13 +3 +2
Crouching Lk.png L 30 ch 3 4 8 14 13 +3 +2
Crouching Hp.png HL 70 sp/su 4 2+5 20 20 18 -6 -8 Second hitbox only hits airborne opponents.
Crouching Hk.png L 80 sp/su 8 5 22 - 18 KD -8
Standing Hp.png + Hk.png HL 75 sp/su 14 6 24 - 21 KD -7
Jumping Lp.png H 45 (40) su 5 7 - 14 14 - -
Jumping Lk.png H 45 (40) - 4 12 - 14 14 - -
Jumping Hp.png H 72 (70) - 5 4 - 14 20 - -
Jumping Hk.png H 70 (68) - 7 5 - 14 20 - -
Jumping Hp.png + Hk.png HL 80 (70) su 12 10 - - 24 KD -
Move Name HL Damage Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery Hitstun Blockstun On Hit On Guard Notes