The King of Fighters XIII/Systems/Defensive Actions: Alternate Guarding

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Alternate Guard

  • Originally a bug, and now back in KOFXIII as a feature is a technique called Alternate Guard. If you are in blockstun, you can extend your blockstun, by quickly alternating between low and high block. The reason why you would want to do this, is because you can extend the time that you are invulnerable to being thrown. Alternate Guard therefore is a great way of avoiding tickthrows and subsequently punish the whiffed throw.
  • Obviously since you are alternating between high and low block, you become quite vulnerable to lows, but this is usually a fair trade, as grapplers, who you would usually alternate guard against, tend to not have too damaging options off of lows.
  • Some characters, like Maxima cannot Alternate Guard in KOFXIII