The King of Fighters XIII/Systems/Meter Attacks: Drive Cancels

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Drive Cancels

Drive Cancels (DC) serve as ways to cancels Special Moves into another Special Move or into a Desperation Move to continue a combo. Each Drive Cancel consumes half of a player's Hyperdrive Meter, limiting a combo to two Drive Cancels outside of Hyperdrive Mode.

Specials cannot be Drive Cancelled on block. Not all Special Moves can be DC'd, and the timing of when to cancel can be limited to certain hits on a Special. This varies by character, so check the Character Strategy section for specifics.

  • Let's use Terry for a basic example. Let's say a Terry player lands the following combo:
    • Crouching B, Crouching A xx df.C xx Burn Knuckle (qcb+A).
  • With one Drive Cancel, the player can extend the combo for more damage:
    • Crouching B, Crouching A xx df.C xx Burn Knuckle (qcb+A) [Drive Cancel] Crack Shoot (qcb+B), Rising Tackle (charge d,u+C)