The King of Fighters XIII/Systems/Meter Attacks: Hyperdrive Mode

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Hyperdrive Mode

Hyperdrive Mode (HD Mode) is a powerful mode which for a short time increases the combo potential and damage output of a character. By activating the mode by pressing both 'B' and 'C' buttons simultaneously, the player's character gains a red blur effect and the Hyperdrive Meter slowly begins to drain. During this time the cost of a Drivecancels and Supercancels is greatly reduced, taking about 10% of the the Hyperdrive Meter while the meter continues to drain. In addition, these Drivecancels are called 'HD cancels' within HD Mode.

Strategy Corner

  • The single most important aspect to Hyperdrive Mode is to hitconfirm. A wasted HD activation burns the entire Hyperdrive bar as well as a player's chance to deal upwards of 50% of an opponent's lifebar.
    • Any normal move, whether normally cancel-able or not, can be cancelled into HD Mode into a full combo. Characters like Shen can confirm into a huge combo from his normally uncancel-able Crouching and Standing Light Kicks, Kyo can confirm the second hit of his df.D command normal into his HD combo, and Andy can use his Target Combo to give himself more time to confirm his HD combo. Any one hit can turn into a lethal comeback.
  • When activating HD Mode, a player's character will automatically dash forward towards the opponent upon pressing B+C.
  • Using a Neomax or Max Cancel will deplete all remaining Hyperdrive Meter.