The King of Fighters XIII/Systems/Meter Attacks: Neomax

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Neomaxes are powerful, but costly supers comparable to a 'level 3' super from other games. To use a Neomax, a player must first have 3 stocks of Super Meter stored in addition to having a full gauge of Hyperdrive Meter or be in Hyperdrive Mode. Upon activation the Neomax, the three Super Meter stocks are consumed as well as all Hyperdrive Meter or however much Hyperdrive Mode time remains.

Neomaxes can be cancelled into from any normally cancel-able normal moves or command normals. If a player is in Hyperdrive Mode, Special Moves may be directly Drive Cancelled into a Neomax. Additionally, certain Desperation Moves can be 'Max Cancelled' into a Neomax Move. What this means is that DMs can be cancelled into Neomaxes while in HD Mode.

Strategy Corner

  • Neomaxes are the the perfect example of offering high damage while giving the player a poor frame advantage or followup afterwards.
  • Neomaxes are the single most costly moves in the game: using Super Meter in an HD combo for EX moves and DMs can lead to about the same damage, if not sometimes more, than a Neomax while setting up a better okizeme followup.
  • Certain Neomaxes really shine for their utility. Some are great fullscreen punishes for projectiles (Kyo, Maxima) while others are outstanding anti-airs (Iori, Maxima), some are instant command grabs (Duo Lon, Ash), and some even counter moves (Daimon, Elizabeth). Not all Neomaxes are equal in practicality.
  • In combos, a Neomax will never scale lower than 40% of its base damage.