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Command Normals

Command normals are simply moves that require a directional input to be held while inputting the appropriate attack button.

Each character's command normals vary in property and use, but the most common use of command normals is to extend combos and hitconfirms. The combo archetype is to hit with a cancellable normal move, and then cancel that into a command normal, and then finally cancel the command normal into a special or DM. For example, Iori's basic DM combo can be displayed as Close C xx f.A xx qcf,hcb+P.

Delay Cancels

Certain command normals lose hit properties when canceled into from a normal. For instance, Leona's f.B is an overhead that knocks down on its own, but inside a combo it loses its overhead and knockdown properties while gaining the ability to be canceled into a special or DM. When you're hitting with a cancellable normal - and for example we'll use Leona's close D which hits twice - if you wait until the last cancellable frames to activate the command normal, the standalone properties will be attributed.

  • A Leona player does a hop C into close D. During this time the player can hitconfirm the opponent is blocking. By delay canceling the close D into her f.B opponents crouch blocking the command normal will be knocked down. This also supplements her blockstring potential as her specials require charge times.