Todo (CvS2)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

c.lp: Great 3 frame jab that leaves Todo at +7/+7 meaning it can link into a lot of things. Great for landing counter hits and for pressure strings, crouching jabs are a vital part of Todo's game, especially in run grooves. Decent low hitting short that leaves todo at +4/+4. Can link to c.lp meaning if you need to start a combo with hitting low, use or Todo's cross-up. This thing has a very large hit box and stays active for 23 hitting frames. Can be used deceptively by landing an early and then attempting a command grab. The command grab will land because the stun on the is very short. (close and far): close is an elbow that leaves todo at +8/+8. It's a bit tricky to land and should be mainly used after a command grab after walking forward (difficult timing). After landing a, you can link another, a or a which can all be special canceled. Another option is to link a c.hp after the and to cancel it into the wave super. Standing strong at far range leaves todo at +3 meaning it can't be linked off of but it is a safe poke and cancels into waves. one of todo's many special/super cancel normals. It leaves todo at +0/+0 meaning it's a safe poke. It can link off of c.lp and comes out in 5 frames meaning it can link off of c.lp and It can also be special/super canceled. Leaves todo at +6/+6. Good poke.

c.rh: Todo's sweep leaves him at -12 meaning it's not safe to throw out carelessly. It has above average range and is most commonly used after a c.lp which leads to a 50/50 mix-up with the command grab. (idea from Buktooth)

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy