Todo (CvS2)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

c.lp: Great 3 frame jab that leaves Todo at +7/+7 meaning it can link into a lot of things. Great for landing counter hits and for pressure strings, crouching jabs are a vital part of Todo's game, especially in run grooves. Decent low hitting short that leaves todo at +4/+4. Can link to c.lp meaning if you need to start a combo with hitting low, use or Todo's cross-up. This thing has a very large hit box and stays active for 23 hitting frames. Can be used deceptively by landing an early and then attempting a command grab. The command grab will land because the stun on the is very short. (close and far): close is an elbow that leaves todo at +8/+8. It's a bit tricky to land and should be mainly used after a command grab after walking forward (difficult timing). After landing a, you can link another, a or a which can all be special canceled. Another option is to link a c.hp after the and to cancel it into the wave super. Standing strong at far range leaves todo at +3 meaning it can't be linked off of but it is a safe poke and cancels into waves. one of todo's many special/super cancel normals. It leaves todo at +0/+0 meaning it's a safe poke. It can link off of c.lp and comes out in 5 frames meaning it can link off of c.lp and It can also be special/super canceled. Leaves todo at +6/+6. Good poke.

c.rh: Todo's sweep leaves him at -12 meaning it's not safe to throw out carelessly. It has above average range and is most commonly used after a c.lp which leads to a 50/50 mix-up with the command grab. (idea from Buktooth)

Special Moves

f+mk: Todo does lunges forward and tries to slide tackle his opponent, leading to a knockdown on hit. Leaves him at -15 on block so not safe to throw out at improper ranges. Comes out quicker than frame data gives justice.

Kasane Ate (qcf+p): Todo's main special, this thing is good for a number of reasons. For one, it comes out fairly quickly at 15/18/21 frames depending on punch used. Second, it leaves Todo at a +6 frame advantage meaning it's very safe and fantastic for chipping. Third, the lp cancels off of nearly all of Todo's medium strength normals. Fourth, it completely negates normal fireballs that it contacts and keeps going for full damage. This means certain characters that rely heavily on their projectiles like shotos and guile, have a very difficult time against this special.

The Kasane Ate can also be done in the air which leads to an even greater frame advantage on block (+11/+10/+9). The waves come out faster as well when done airborne (12/14/16). The jab Kasane Ate's done in the air in a custom combo will completely guard crush any characters that do not alpha counter it, or have a poor alpha counter.

Note: Kasane Ate's do not differ in damage depending on punch used. The only changes that occur from differing punch inputs is change in range, startup and frame advantage.

Aogi Kasane Ate: AA version of the waves that comes out very slowly so has little use most of the time. 21/25/29 frames of startup make it difficult to use, unless RC'd. Almost always use the lp version as there's no damage difference.

Center of Gravity: Todo's extremely useful command grab. He reaches forward grabbing his opponent and then palm strikes them in the stomach leaving them in a state of stun. Can be followed up with with many different normals including and even Todo's wave super. Has a 6 frame startup and cannot be teched out of like all command grabs.

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy