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Twelve's Character Select Portrait
Twelve's Neutral Stance


With Necro being his prototype, Twelve is genetically engineered to regenerate, form other shapes (usually weapons) out of his body, copy a person's appearance and skill, and is meant to be incapable of being damaged. The "G-Project", the secret project that resulted in Twelve's birth, was executed by Dr. Kure, and overseen by Gill's brother, Urien. Twelve is ordered to retrieve Necro and Effie after the latter freed and helped Necro escape from Gill's organization. Twelve is also being mass produced by the organization to create an army of Twelve-like creatures. Twelve considers Urien to be his father because of his involvement with his creation.

And people say Sean is the worst character. Well, to be perfectly fair, Twelve is actually quite fun to play as, until you realize that you're doing no damage and are almost dead.

Specific Character Information

  • Stamina: 1080
  • Stun Bar Length (dots): 64 (Normal)
  • Stun Bar Recovery (frames it takes to recover 1 dot): 23
  • Taunt: It turns you invisible for a while.
  • Best Kara-Throw: Far S.MP
  • Standard Throw Range (pixels): 22
  • Kara-Throw Range (pixels): ??
  • Dash Forward (frames) / Moving Distance: 20 / 1,5
  • Dash Backward (frames) / Moving Distance: 16 / 1,5
  • Normal Wake up (frames): 59
  • Quick Stand (frames): 49

Moves List

Normal Moves


F.L.G. f LP+LK
T.R.W. f + LP+LK

Command Normals

B.M.K. Press b + MK
Kabe Haritsuki While against wall, hold f
Kokkuu In air, press b,b or f, f

Target Combos

  • None.

Special Moves

A.X.E. QCB P (can also be done in air) (EX)
D.R.A. While jumping, QCB K (EX)

Super Arts

I X.N.D.L. QCF QCF P 2 stocks
II X.F.L.A.T. While jumping, QCF QCF K 1 stocks
III X.C.O.P.Y. QCF QCF P 1 stock

Move Analysis


LP -Twelve stretches his arm forward with a open hand.

A quick and well-ranged poke. However, it will whiff on most crouching characters

LK -Twelve barely lifts his leg and he goes to give a low kick.

Very short range kick. No pratical use.

MP -Twelve leans forward and swipes his arm across with an open hand.

Similiar poke to standing LP, but better range and damage. Unfortunately, this normal will whiff on all crouching characters. Very good for zoning and occasional footsies.

MK -Twelve steps forward and thrusts his knee upward.

This attack gives Twelve a good option to verify a super off of a mid-level hit. Short range, decent damage. In addition, Twelve can super jump cancel this move giving him a great mix-up (see below under Mix-Ups)

HP -Twelve morphs his hand into an axe and flings it at an upward angle.

Twelve's most powerful normal. The priority is great and works as an excellent anti-air.

HK -Twelve stands on both hands as he morphs his legs together into a huge sickle and swipes the opponent.

Good range, good damage, ok priority but horrible recovery making it vulnerable to recovery supers. This serves as a decent poke once in a blue moon from max range. Plus unlike MP it can hit all crouching opponents. Best used to juggle an opponent after a EX N.D.L.

Standing close

















Meterless EX Moves S.A. I S.A. II
Crouching LK, A.X.E. (LP) Mid-screen, EX N.D.L., standing HK Kokkuu deep HK, X.N.D.L. Standing close MK, super jump cancel, X.F.L.A.T.
Kokkuu deep HK, A.X.E. (LP) EX N.D.L. x 4 (Air Elena Only) Standing close MP, X.N.D.L. Neutral Throw ,X.F.L.A.T (Hugo Only)
Crouching LP, A.X.E. (LP) Crouching LK, A.X.E. (LP), xx, X.N.D.L.
Standing close MK, X.N.D.L.
B.M.K., X.N.D.L.
UOH, link X.N.D.L.

Frame Data


Twelve framedata normals.JPG

Command Normals

Special Moves

Twelve framedata specials.JPG

Super Arts

Twelve framedata supers.JPG

Additional Frame Data



Twelve is one of the weakest characters in the game. His defense and stamina are low, adding to this is his lack of options to land damage without meter. Twelve does make up for this with his high mobility and his arsenal of decent pokes.


Super Art Selection

X.N.D.L. offers Twelve the most options. Resets, EX moves, simple combos and an anti-air. The gauge is composed of two average sized gauges. So upon executing a super, Twelve still has one gauge for EX moves. You may find yourself using EX D.R.A.'s and EX N.D.L.s over X.N.D.L. however. But unlike X.F.L.A.T., Twelve can verify a super from a low hit (crouching LK, A.X.E. (LP) and a high hit (standing close MP).

X.F.L.A.T. is a second possibility but landing a successful hit is hard in high-level play. There is some speculation with X.C.O.P.Y. since every other character can offer more damage than Twelve, plus the damage and defense bonus Twelve gets during X.C.O.P.Y. At the same time many characters rely on their super or EX moves to land big damage ala Chun-Li, Urien, etc. X.C.O.P.Y. does not offer Twelve the ability to execute his opponent's EX and super moves. Yet, both super arts only offer one gauge meaning no room for EX moves.


Kara-Throw - standing MP

Twelve's kara-throw has nothing to offer to his game, including that the range on his throw is already good.

Kara-UOH - Standing MP


Anti-air LP, X.N.D.L.

Anti-Air IAD MP, X.N.D.L.

Anti-air A.X.E. (LP) (1-hit) walk-up standing MK, X.N.D.L.

Anti-Air IAD MP, Instant X.F.L.A.T.

Anti-air A.X.E. (LP) (1-hit), walk-up standing MK, super jump cancel, X.F.L.A.T.


Standing MP

crouching MK

standing HK

Jump-back HP



Kokkuu HK

  • hit from front
  • hit behind
  • whiff in front
  • whiff behind
  • fake cross-up

>Kokkuu HK (hit), X.N.D.L.

>Kokkuu HK (whiff), walk-up, throw or walk-up crouching LK, A.X.E. (LP), xx, X.N.D.L.

>Kokkuu HK (block), walk-up, throw or walk-up crouching LK, A.X.E. (LP), xx, X.N.D.L.

Standing close MK (blocked), Super Jump Cancel

  • IAD, D.R.A. (LK)
  • IAD, EX D.R.A.
  • IAD MK (whiff), throw
  • IAD MK (whiff) crouching LK, A.X.E. (LP), xx, X.N.D.L.
  • IAD MK, X.N.D.L.

When the opponent is in the corner, sweep range, EX N.D.L., standing LP (reset)

  • UOH, X.N.D.L.
  • Walk-up, crouching LK, X.N.D.L.

Additional Notes

Personal Action: Invisibility.

After landing a H.U.G. on Hugo at mid-screen, Twelve can OTG Hugo with SA1 or an instant SA2. However, this does not combo and Hugo can avoid both supers by quick recovering from the H.U.G.


  • Twelve can cross-up a cornered Hugo
  • Twelve can ground cross-up a cornered Hugo

IAD (Instant Air-Dash) - Twelve can execute a IAD by simply inputting, or, quickly. The game will register this as if you jumped and immediately pressed, or, The IAD keeps Twelve close to ground. Due to the low altitude his normals will hit deeper, while his HP and HK will whiff every time. For there is not enough time for both attacks to fully animate. IAD allows you to create high/low/faint/throw mix-ups while keeping the pressure on. Upon executing a normal or not, Twelve cant act immediately upon landing from a IAD. Aside from quick reversals and supers, a blocked IAD normal is usually safe since Twelve will be grounded upon recovery. This allows Twelve to easily land tick-throws.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Advantage Match-ups


Fair Match-ups



Disadvantage Match-ups

Chun-Li - Now your Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Strategy Guide may title this as a favorable match-up for Twelve. The guide will include that Chun-Li has no anti-airs nor a decent air game. If anything this is an understatement. Chun-Li's B HP serves as a great anti-air and will stuff any air dash attack. Her crouching HK has a wide enough hit box to counter Twelve before he lands from an air-dash. While her standing HP can stuff Twelve from afar if he tries to IAD. Another viable option is standing MK. In addition, Chun-Li can meet him in the air with an air-to-air vertical jumping LP, MP or HK. She can also jump forward and hit Twelve out of anything with LK.

What do I do you ask? Luckily, most Chun-Li players will not be looking for attacks to anti-air. They will be too busy blocking to throw to gain some ground, whiffing B HP or crouching MK to get some bar. Try to rush Chun-Li the first round before she gets any bar. But play accordingly and counter-act any possible normal that will thwart your air game. If she is spamming B HP, land short with a HK and walk-up to throw or crouching MK as she recovers. If you anticipate a crouching HK, interrupt your air dash with a quick D.R.A. this should catch her off guard and hit her while recovering. Mix-up your game between normal air dashing and IAD. Mix-up your normals to, attack from a far with HP, whiff MK or HK to put you in mix-up range. Do not try hard to play a ground game with her by using MP, N.D.L. or HK. With that said, never ever attack a full stocked Chun-Li with standing HK. Hit or not she can easily reversal super you for big damage into the corner. Once Chun has bar be prepared to start flying around like crazy. Fly back and forth, high and low. Mix-up your normals more than before. Do anything to keep Chun-Li fishing for an opening on the ground to land a super. A Chun-Li player will not risk their bar to reset to super off of an air-to-air or anti-air.


Serious Disadvantage Match-ups