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UNKNOWN is a small agile character, and uses various toys and her ghostly abilities to fight. She can control space well with her multiple ranged attacks, and has the ability to completely control her flight in midair. Her projectiles are large and linger on the screen for a substantial amount of time, so they can be used for offense or defense. However, she has a harder time dealing damage than many of the other characters.

UNKNOWN is actually a character from ONE, a visual novel produced by Tactics in 1998. Her resemblence to a younger Mizuka is positively uncanny. During ONE, she gets to meet Kouhei again in the world of eternity...

She is also known as "Mirror Mizuka".

Stage: World of Eternity (永遠の世界)

BGM: Eternity (永遠)

Character-Specific Notes

  • UNKNOWN is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once.
  • UNKNOWN's ground dash has some unique properties. First, her dash ignores the opponent's body completely, allowing her to dash through the opponent as if she was not there. Secondly, UNKNOWN disappears soon after her dash starts, and reappears as soon as her dash stops. While she is invisible, she cannot be hit by any attacks.
  • Her "Outside the Window" specials (excluding the C version) can be thrown out at long range by inputting the command a second time.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 180 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2A 1 200 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.A 1 220 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66A 1 250 Ground Yes No Yes
662A 1 200 Low Yes No Yes
5B(c) 1 420 Ground Yes Yes Yes
5B(f) 1 440 Ground Yes No Yes
2B 1 410 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.B 1 430 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66B 1 440 Ground Yes Hit Yes
662B 1 410 Low Yes Hit Yes
5C 1 610 Ground Yes Hit Yes
2C 1 620 Low Yes Hit Yes
j.C 3 635 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66C 1 600 Ground Yes No Yes
662C 0 N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes
Throw 2 800 Throw No No No
j.Throw 1 100 Air Throw No No No
j.6C 1 600 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
Flight [Requires RF Gauge]
S 0 N/A N/A No No No

Weak Attacks


  • UNKNOWN throws a thin, linear whisp in front of her.
  • The hitbox is slightly shorter than the whisp would have you believe. This move will lead into her b&b combo, so be prepared to use it a lot at close range.


  • UNKNOWN leans back and throws a thin whisp at the opponent's ankles.
  • Basically used the same way as the standing version, with the obvious exception that this hits low.


  • A jumping variant of the thin whisp. This attack has more range than the ground and standing versions, and the hitbox extends below her a little.
  • Natural combo starter in the air, good for keeping people out of your face too.


  • The same as 5A
  • There's really no reason to use this move unless the opponent is preparing an attack and there's no time to hit with 66B or 66C. From a run, it's better to try to juggle with the 66B instead.


  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Medium Attacks

5B (close)

  • UNKNOWN produces a ghostly white orb and throws it at the opponent with both hands for a close-range uppercut.
  • Mostly used as part of her b&b combo.

5B (far)

  • UNKNOWN sweeps her arm across her body, throwing out a large horizontal whisp.
  • Much longer range than her 5A whisp. Good for catching a charging opponent without letting them get too close.


  • UNKNOWN throws a large horizontal whisp at the opponent's feet.
  • Same principle as the far 5B. Don't be fooled by the size of the whisp. The hitbox reaches only to the edge closest to UNKNOWN's body.


  • UNKNOWN creates a dash of blue fire and throws it downwards a short distance.
  • A good aerial move. This sends the opponent downwards at a slight angle. Canceling this move into an air dash is important to continue her combos. It hits slightly below her as well, making it a safe move to use when coming down from the air.


  • A running version of her close 5B
  • Combined with UNKNOWN's invincible running frames, this attack is a great launcher and sets up perfectly for her aerial raves. The hitbox is large and strikes about half a body length above her, meaning it can function as a good anti-air if used carefully. It's quite fast for a launching move, too.


  • A running version of her 2B
  • It can combo into some of her other specials. Can catch the opponent off guard if they were expecting a 66B launch, as it hits low.

Strong Attacks


  • UNKNOWN produces a giant squeaky hammer and slams it down.
  • This is naturally the final part of her basic combo, however, this move's range is a lot shorter than it appears, meaning that the third hit of the combo may miss if the opponent is not being comboed at point blank range. Not a really great strong attack.


  • UNKNOWN slides across the ground feet first for a whole body tackle.
  • This move is great. It hits pretty hard for an UNKNOWN move, covers a lot of range, is pretty fast and knocks the opponent down in front of you. It's much safer to use this as a combo finisher instead of her 5C, and it has the added advantage of hitting low. It's unsafe on block though, so don't abuse it outside of a combo, but sparing use of this move on its own can catch the opponent off guard thanks to its range and speed. A good way to stop a charging, headstrong opponent in their tracks.


  • UNKNOWN creates a large white orb beneath her, hitting up to 3 times.
  • A fantastic jumping attack. This moves hitbox is huge and extends below her with great priority. It deals rather good damage and can be used as a crossup or a way to safely attack from the air. Inputting j.6C will cause her to create the orb in front of her instead, hitting once. It can be treated much the same way.


  • A running version of her 5C.
  • Being a running attack, it has more range than her standing 5C, and can be comboed into her 'Rotten World' specials. Even so, it's still a much better option to just try to use a 66B instead, unless the plan is to IC the special and go into an aerial combo from there.


  • UNKNOWN does a small running hop towards the opponent. Not an attack.
  • This is a really great way to attack while close to the ground. It elevates her just enough so that her air specials and attacks can be used quickly at the perfect height for harassing a grounded opponent. It also provides a perfect opportunity for her to use her 'Solar' moves.



  • UNKNOWN summons a group of plush toys that grab the opponent and carry them to the other side of the stage before slamming them into the wall (rebound).
  • This is a really interesting throw. It wallslams the opponent and gives UNKNOWN a small window in which she can combo. However, the timing is quite strict before the juggle timer runs out, as UNKNOWN can't move right away.

Air Throw

  • UNKNOWN grabs the opponent and casually tosses them aside.
  • There's nothing overly special about this throw. The player has better things to do in the air than use this move.

Command Normals


  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Flight (飛行)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
Outside the Window [+Aerial]
236A 5 ≈700 Any No
> 236A/B/C 3 ≈430 Any No
236B 5 ≈700 Any No
> 236A/B/C 5 ≈700 Any No
236C 1 450 Any No
Rotten World
623A 1 700 Any Yes
623B 1 1000 Any Yes
623C 2 ≈1350 Any Yes
Master? Lord?
214A 1 700 Ground FIC
214B 1 700 Ground FIC
214C n 400*n Ground FIC
Hide-and-Seek [+Aerial]
421A 0 N/A N/A Yes
421B 0 N/A N/A Yes
421C 0 N/A N/A Yes
Toy Knife
41236A 6 300*n Any FIC
41236B 6 300*n Any FIC
41236C 6 300*n Any FIC
the ty_eki [During wakeup, SP Level 2]
22S  ?  ?  ?  ?
Great Migration [SP Level 1]
236236A 14 50*n Any No
236236B 14 50*n Any No
Solar [SP Level 1-3]
j.236236A n 100*n Any No
1 2000 Ground No
j.236236B n 100*n Any No
1 2800 Ground No
j.236236C n 100*n Any No
3 ≈3800 Ground No
Inside of Barrel [SP Level 1-3]
463214A 2 1800 or 0 Unblockable No
463214B 2 1800 or 3500 or 0 Unblockable No
463214C 2 1800 or 3500 or 6500 or 0 Unblockable No
Swimming up Waterfall [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
CB6AA 18 5900 Low No


Outside the Window (まどのそと)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Rotten World (くずれるせかい)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Master? Lord? (あるじ?ぬし?)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Hide-and-Seek (かくれんぼ)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Toy Knife (おもちゃのないふ)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Eterny Specials

the ty_eki (in memory of ty_eki and sakagami mai)

  • [description]
  • This move is actually a bug.
  • [usefulness]

Great Migration (だいいどう)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Solar (たいよう)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Inside of Barrel (たるのなか)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Final Memory

Swimming up Waterfall (たきのぼり)

  • [description]
  • [usefulness]

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


A basic "bread and butter" combo for UNKNOWN would be 5A 5BB 5C 214A. That last move has some strict timing, so practice.

66B j.B airdash j.B6C land j.ABC 5AB j.AB j.AB6C airdash (tech punish)

236C j.B airdash j.AB land 5(A)B j.AB j.AB6C airdash (tech punish)

Red IC: 5A 5BB 5C 214A IC j.B airdash j.AB land 5(A)B j.AB j.AB6C airdash (tech punish)

Crossing up in the World of Eternity

The j.C move is an excellent cross-up.

Win Quotes

Japanese English



































In-game References

External References

  • UNKNOWN's Final Memory is based on Akari Ichijou's super, from The Last Blade series.

ONE References

  • The scenery in the background is one part of the world of eternity in ONE.
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