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Getting Started

Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Wiki! Here you will find a everything you need to play UMvC3 competitively. As time goes by, more resources will be added, so make sure you stop by regularly for your UMvC3 fix!

  • The SRK Wiki Basic Video Tutorials section has a comprehensive archive of great video tutorials through the game's history!


Capcom Marvel
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Umvc3 nemesis face small.jpg
Umvc3 firebrand face small.jpg
Umvc3 strider face small.jpg
Umvc3 phoenixwright face small.jpg
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Umvc3 ghostrider face small.jpg
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Umvc3 doctorstrange face small.jpg
Umvc3 chris face small.jpg
Umvc3 arthur face small.jpg
Umvc3 frankwest face small.jpg
Umvc3 vergil face small.jpg
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Umvc3 rocketraccoon face small.jpg
Umvc3 captamerica face small.jpg
Umvc3 dormammu face small.jpg
Umvc3 wesker face small.jpg
Umvc3 zero face small.jpg
Umvc3 ryu face small.jpg
Umvc3 dante face small.jpg
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Umvc3 deadpool face small.jpg
Umvc3 wolverine face small.jpg
Umvc3 ironman face small.jpg
Umvc3 doctordoom face small.jpg
Umvc3 morrigan face small.jpg
Umvc3 tron face small.jpg
Umvc3 chunli face small.jpg
Umvc3 trish face small.jpg
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Umvc3 x23 face small.jpg
Umvc3 storm face small.jpg
Umvc3 thor face small.jpg
Umvc3 modok face small.jpg
Umvc3 felicia face small.jpg
Umvc3 spencer face small.jpg
Umvc3 akuma face small.jpg
Umvc3 vjoe face small.jpg
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Umvc3 spiderman face small.jpg
Umvc3 sentinel face small.jpg
Umvc3 hulk face small.jpg
Umvc3 superskrull face small.jpg
Umvc3 hsienko face small.jpg
Umvc3 haggar face small.jpg
Umvc3 viper face small.jpg
Umvc3 amaterasu face small.jpg
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Umvc3 phoenix face small.jpg
Umvc3 magneto face small.jpg
Umvc3 shehulk face small.jpg
Umvc3 taskmaster face small.jpg


Throughout the guide there will be a lot of jargon thrown around and, unless you know what these terms are referring to, it might be difficult to understand some of the more complex lingo and slang used. For example, what is Hit Stun and Block Stun? What's a "Strike" or a "Wall Bounce" or a "Forced Ground Bounce?" What do we mean when we use the word "frames?" So before we begin, please take some time to look over the glossary to familiarize yourself with some of these terms so the rest of the guide will make more sense.

Game Modes

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 build on the modes of the previous version offering additional functionality and gameplay options. You'll find explanations of the variety of modes below.

Game Mechanics

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 shares most of the elements from it's predecesor with only a few minor changes. If you are already versed in the mechanics from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 then much of this information should be familiar. Never-the-less the of the details you are able to internalize, the better your performance will be within the highly competive game.


After a sound understanding of the Game Mechanics it is very important to be formulating a strategy in order to increase your win percentage. Below some strategic details are outlined to help in this process.


Sacktap (generally agreed with by KaneBlueRiver and Readman in comments): https://twitter.com/thesackutapu/status/1170558160953720832?s=21

Four Horseman (top): Zero, Morrigan, Vergil, Doctor Doom

Top Billing (high): Magneto, M.O.D.O.K., Dante, C. Viper, Nova

Win Condition (character success depends on fulfilling a specific gameplan, or heavily depends on momentum): Phoenix, Firebrand, Hulk, Frank West, X-23

Contenders (mid): V. Joe, Trish, Wolverine, Chun-Li, Deadpool, Hawkeye, Thor, Wesker, Spencer, Spider-Man

Cheerleaders (support/assists characters): Doctor Strange, Amaterasu, Rocket Raccoon, Sentinel, Strider, Arthur, Dormammu, Storm, Iron Man, Akuma, Shuma-Gorath

Almost, But Not Quite (low): Taskmaster, Captain America, Chris, Felicia, Jill, Super Skrull, Tron Bonne, Phoenix Wright

"Not Actually Good, Stop Getting Hit By Lariat You Scrubs": Haggar

Oof (bottom): Nemesis, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Ryu, Hsien-Ko, She-Hulk


A List of Infinites found throughout Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's History

Hitbox Guides

Video Guides

Playlist for Hit/Hurtbox Guides
Finger Cramp's Character Select

Image Guides

Character Albums for Throws and more