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Doctor Strange

Umvc3 doctorstrange face.jpg

Dr. Stephen Strange was formerly a renowned, yet arrogant surgeon. After a car accident damaged beyond repair the nerves in his hands, he desperately searched for a cure, and eventually came across a temple in Tibet. The Ancient One, the original Sorcerer Supreme, saw the arrogance in his heart and initially rejected him until he eventually decided to teach Strange the use of magic. Strange eventually reformed, and after thwarting an assassination attempt on the Ancient One by treacherous disciple Baron Mordo that, as it turned out, had been foreseen by the Ancient One himself, succeeded him as Sorcerer Supreme, and he now acts as a consultant for all things supernatural as well as keeping the world safe from a number of eldritch creatures, including Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath.

In a nutshell

Doctor Strange is a zoning character, but don't let that fool you, he has a good mixup game and a nice option select. With projectiles for almost any scenario imaginable, fireballs that can be set up and delayed throughout the match, and teleports to add mixups to his own tools, his focus should be to annoy the opponent into making a mistake. Once an opening occurs, Strange can take advantage with his Impact Palm's immense hitstun and crumple properties for extremely long combos. As a whole he is perhaps one of the best supports in the game, boasting a strong full screen assist that offers a huge boon to characters with command grabs and strong horizontal control. With X-Factor, you can cancel Spell of Vishanti into a touch of death on any character in the game but be careful, without meter or x-factor he has a lot of trouble on his own and must rely on assists to cover his weaknesses.

Alternate Colors

Strange colors.jpg

Players to Watch

Nemo, Ferni, Will Richards, Tenboss, Miniboss, El Gato

Character Vitals

Double Jump:
Air Dash:
Air Dash/Jump count:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
X-Factor Damage Boost:
20.0 %
45.0 %
70.0 %
X-Factor Speed Boost:
20.0 %
25.0 %
30.0 %
X-Factor Duration:
11.5 s
16.5 s
21.5 s
L Attacks
M Attacks
H Attacks
Special Moves
Hyper Combos
15 %
15 %
15 %
20 %
40 %
X-Factor Lvl 1:
35 %
35 %
35 %
35 %
40 %
X-Factor Lvl 2:
35 %
35 %
35 %
35 %
40 %
X-Factor Lvl 3:
35 %
35 %
35 %
35 %
40 %

Video Walkthrough



Examples of TAC set ups by TenBoss
team nemo ko glitch
synergy set ups with Dante and Wesker
Strange/Doom DHC and synergy tech

Team Synergy

Spencer/Strange/Vergil tech
Dante/Strange synergy

Move List

Hitbox Guide


Assist Types

Special Properties
Cross-Over Combination
Alpha.png Daggers of Denak
Shot.png Front.png
50,000 x 3
Spell of Vishanti
Beta2.png Eye of Agamotto
Shot.png Front.png
15,000 x 10
Spell of Vishanti
Gamma2.png Bolts of Balthakk
Shot.png Front.png
60,000 + 60,000
Spell of Vishanti

Normal Moves

Notes (glossary)
Standing Light
Crouching Light
D.png + L.png
Standing Medium
Crouching Medium
D.png + M.png
Standing Heavy
Crouching Heavy
D.png + H.png
Low.png Softknockdown.png
Launch.png Nocancel.png
B.png + H.png
Counter.png ;
Counters physical attacks and causes
Strange to teleport behind opponent.
Impact Palm
F.png + H.png
Airok.png Crumple.png (ground only);
Truesoftknockdown.png (airborne opponents only)
Jumping Light
air L.png
Jumping Medium
air M.png
Jumping Heavy
air H.png
Jumping Special
air S.png
High.png Aircombofinisher.png


Notes (glossary)
Forward Throw
F.png + H.png
Throw.png Hardknockdown.png
Back Throw
B.png + H.png
Throw.png Hardknockdown.png
Forward Air Throw
air F.png + H.png
Airthrow.png Hardknockdown.png
Back Air Throw
air B.png + H.png
Airthrow.png Hardknockdown.png

Special Moves

Notes (glossary)
Daggers of Denak (L)
Qcf.png + L.png
Airok.png Proj.png ;
Can only perform one in the air.
Daggers of Denak (M)
Qcf.png + M.png
50,000 per Ring
Airok.png Proj.png ;
Can only perform one in the air.
Eye of Agamotto
Qcf.png + H.png
15,000 x 10
Airok.png Proj.png ;
Can only perform one in the air.
Mystic Sword (L)
Dp.png + L.png
50,000 per Hit
Mystic Sword (M/H)
Dp.png + M.png / H.png
50,000 + 80,000
Grace of Hoggoth (L)
Qcb.png + L.png
Airok.png Otg.png Proj.png ;
Powers up Flames of the Faltine.
Grace of Hoggoth (M)
Qcb.png + M.png
90,000 for Explosion
Airok.png Otg.png Proj.png ;
Explosion only occurs when hit by
Flames of the Faltine.
Flames of the Faltine
Qcb.png + H.png
Airok.png Proj.png
Flames of the Faltine
(1 Yellow ( m ) and/or Red ( l ) Grace of Hoggoth)
Qcb.png + H.png
Airok.png Otg.png
Flames of the Faltine
(2 Yellow ( m ) and/or Red ( l ) Grace of Hoggoths)
Qcb.png + H.png
Airok.png Otg.png
Flames of the Faltine
(3 Yellow ( m ) or Red ( l ) Grace of Hoggoths)
Qcb.png + H.png
Airok.png Otg.png
Softknockdown.png (air only)
Crumple.png (ground only)
Qcb.png + S.png
Airok.png ;
Leaves Doctor Strange in Flight
Rdp.png + Atk.png
Airok.png ;
L.png puts Doctor Strange in-front of opponent.
M.png puts Doctor Strange behind opponent.
H.png puts Doctor Strange above opponent.
Bolts of Balthakk
Atk.png + S.png
60,000 + 60,000

Hyper Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Spell of Vishanti
Qcf.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
33,000 x 10
Airok.png Otg.png
Proj.png ; Mashable.
Seven Rings of Raggador
Qcb.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
20,000 x 15
Proj.png Projcounter.png ;
Activates on when struck by a Projectile;
Damage is never scaled for this Hyper.
Astral Magic
Dp.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
Proj.png ;
Level 3 Hyper.

Flames of Faltine loops


Flames of Faltine loops is Strange's most damaging combo in the game and nets huge amounts of meter. For instance, a typical fof loop will build about 2 meters and usually about 900k without assists. They were first discovered by a SRK user named MazioDyne and Ryan Hunter back in Feb. 2012. Since then, players such as Yipes and Combofiend have adopted the technique but most people have come to know the Faltine loops through the Japanese player, Nemo.

Strange can set these loops up himself, but because of Strange's utility as a support character, most teams use him second or last. So now the question is how do you get the best out of Strange on your team? The most famous and consistent way to go into loops is Nemos team, use Nova to push them to the corner and land a crumple attack to hard tag in strange. The only way to crumple an opponent is if they are grounded which is why Nemo's team utilizes Spencer's slant shot assist to reset an opponent into a grounded state. However this isn't the only way to begin a Flame loop outside of point position for strange, there are plenty of other characters who can set it up using different methods such as DHC, TAC's and Raw Tags.

Have new tech to set up fof loops? Want to contribute? PM user 'emc' on SRK with subject: fof tech

Crumple Hard Tags (Nemo style)

These teams utilize Spencer's assist to set up crumples after getting the opponent to the corner and hard tagging to strange. Team compositions are usually the nemo order which is strange/spencer. However it depends on the team and how you plan to use your DHC. Nemos team order works because you can DHC back to nova for high damage or THC as strange to get great damage and extend more combos. The obvious weakness is anchor Spencer, who isn't the worst anchor, but it's a difficult fight against stronger anchors or teams that are overall very strong. Spencer's assist doesn't help strange in neutral, but it does add more damage to combos and helps with tougher confirms. What's nice is you can always DHC to bionic maneuvers which is a very safe way to bring in Spencer. Alternatively you can run spencer/strange and hard tag from anchor. This team composition works better with combofiends team because She-Hulk's DHC doesn't offer much damage. Having Spencer 2nd means after fof loops you can dhc to bionic maneuvers and otg grapple. However, if you then tag into your point character from spencer after the kill, your team order reverts back to nemos.

Iron Fist: team Heroic/Justin Wong bnb
Chun-Li: bnb set up
Nova: team Nemo bnb, Nemo using the alternate team order
She-Hulk: team Combofiend bnb's
Viper: bnb set up

Team Nemo tutorial

DHC to Rings of Ragador

This method requires 2 meters, one to super into a state that allows you to whiff rings and go into loops. The most ideal supers are those that place your opponent in a slow fall state or at a high altitude that forces a soft or hard knockdown as well as wall bounces. Even though this is a great tool for many teams, its not always an efficient use of meter and in general you get one less rep of FoF loops compared to team Nemo.

Amaterasu: DHC BnB, slow down from throw, a more optimized DHC
Dante: short bnb DHC, mid screen version
Ghost Rider: Using his OTG assist
Haggar: uses a capture state glitch to allow strange to combo, can be used with any super after the command launch
Hawkeye: BnB to corner DHC
Hsien-Ko: spacing dependent, you need 3 knives to hit to allow strange to combo
Jill: BnB to corner
Magneto: BnB
MODOK: BnB to corner DHC
Morrigan: Side switch combo to DHC
Nemesis: DHC from a BnB and Throw
Nova: simple DHC from a throw 950k
Phoenix: BnB into Phoenix Inferno
Rocket Raccoon: BnB DHC
Sentinel: BnB with Hard Drive and from a corner throw with Sentinel Force
She-Hulk: 2 hits of Emerald Cannon
Spencer: from bionic arm #1, #2, overhead set up
Spider-Man: Basic BnB into air maximum spider
Storm: BnB DHC, DHC BnB variant, corner throw DHC
Strider Hiryu: BnB with Bolts assist
Task Master: DHC from Counter Super (VERY tight timing)
Thor: Dhc before super finishes (air only), from mighty punish
Trish: Air Super BnB DHC
Viewtiful Joe: Joe/Doom BnB into bomb to trigger Rings of Raggador DHC into a flame loop
Viper: BnB DHC

Wall Bounce Hard Tags

This method involves a wall bounce and careful screen positioning. Being able to confirm is relative to where your point character is before the hard tag allowing your hard tag to physically hit them, then continue into fof loops

Deadpool: corner set ups
Dormammu: short bnb in the corner full screen conversion
Ghost Rider: corner bnb hard tag with the help of vergil
Firebrand: using bonvoyage mid screen, very difficult, wall cling fireball H after bon voyage, also difficult, easier version with XF
Hulk: two mid screen methods
Magneto/Rocket: Log Trap and Hyper Grav H
MODOK: From a BnB
Nemesis: mid screen conversion
Nova: corner set up, crazy set ups using shield to wall bounce
Ryu: 2 methods, requires specific screen positioning.
She-Hulk anti-air super in the corner
Spencer: corner throw, bnb into grapple M
Vergil: bnb, mid screen throw, helm breaker, using bolts to confirm into hard tag
Wesker: from various wall bounces mid screen

Misc. Hard Tag Confirms

These are confirms using screen positioning to allow strange to combo after a hard tag. Most of these are difficult and aren't always the most practical but they do have their uses.

Arthur: mid screen and air combo set up
Captain America: A very solid corner set up
Dante: BnB into acid rain, another set up, easier version with devil trigger
Doctor Doom: Hard tag using side switch
Dormammu: Using Meteor spells to set up a hard tag in the corner
Magneto: side switch confirm, from throws and more
Morrigan: Staircase side switch hard tag, assist-less hard tag by Tenboss
Phoenix: meterless screen positional hard tag using a side switch
Rocket Raccoon: Corner BnB hard tag
Shuma-Gorath: BnB to hard tag
Spider-Man: Using Log Trap and Web Ball
Thor: Confirm from Mighty Hurricane H in the corner, Variant #2 of Mighty Hurricane tag on more of the cast, confirms from throws and more
Trish: hard tag after round harvest
Tron: BnB in corner, Infrit's version
Wesker: corner L command grab
Zero: out of corner air combo with early buster into teleport

Spell of Vishanti DHC and THC

Some DHC's and THC's from Strange's Spell of Vishanti allow you to combo afterwards. The THC's all require 2 bars and for Strange to be on point. Not only can strange do this on point with the use of throws or other confirms, but you can also do them from hard tags.

Amaterasu: Strange using THC, can be done from throws as well, full screen mix-up
Chris: confirming off grenade launcher DHC into spell of vishanti
Doctor Doom: Off a grounded back throw
Dormammu: After a full FoF loop, DHC to Stalking Flare, Strange/Dorm THC off a hard tag
Hulk: Corner Throw THC
Iron Man: THC and full screen assist confirms
Jill: allows THC FoF combo to work with dante
Magneto: From a BnB into a hard tag THC
Nova: Team Nemo, Strange full screen throw THC, Hard tag from Nova throw into THC
Rocket Raccoon: Corner BnB to Hopper mine DHC
Spencer: Off a BnB 80k that hard tags into a THC
Spider-Man: THC hard tag can be done from an air combo, a ground bounce or a web throw
Storm: BnB DHC, THC set up
Thor: Air combo that hard tags into a THC, directly after is a combo off his ground bounce and it can also be done from a grounded throw
Trish: After a full FoF loop, DHC to Round Harvest, Hard tag into Strange/X THC
Vergil: Strange THC from corner throw, Using Devil Trigger DHC off SoV full screen
Wesker: Strange THC from throw in corner
Wolverine: THC confirm off throw

DHC hard tags

This section is dedicated to all other supers that can DHC from the point character and then hard tag to strange. Through experimentation, Rocket Raccoon's Mad Hopper, Devil Trigger and other install hypers give you options that aren't previously possible with Rings of Raggador.

Nova/Arthur/Strange: Nova Force into Gold Armor and hard tag with scythe
Phoenix Wright/Rocket/Strange: Simple BnB using Order in the Court
Viewtiful Joe/Rocket/Strange: DHC hard tag from a throw, also possible off combos
Wolverine/Rocket/Strange: Must super as high as possible to get the mad hopper to connect
X-23/Rocket/Strange: Uses log trap to combo into weapon X prime, then DHC's to mad hopper
Zero/Dante/Strange: Rainbow super into devil trigger

Team Assisted hard tags

The videos below are non-nemo style hard tags that revolve around the point character and an assist. The best assists are those that either remove your opponent from the corner, help you achieve a side switch or has an OTG that can set up a specific move.

Chris/Strange/X: Fire Grenade hard tags with Strider, Ammy & Rocket Raccoon assists, Hard tags with Strange, She-Hulk & Haggar, Hard tags with Dante, Wesker & Vergil

Magneto/Strange/Doom: using hidden missiles to set up loops
Magneto/Rocket/Strange: Uses Log Trap to set up the hyper grav tag
Magneto/Ground Bounce/Strange: Using Nova's Ground Bounce, Using Thor's Ground Bounce
Magneto/Sentinel/Strange: Using Sentinel's Drones assist
Magneto/X/Strange: Using Dr. Strange's own Eye of Aggamado assist

Morrigan/Nova/Strange: using Nova assist

Nova/X/Strange: set ups with a variety of assists using level 3 grav pulse L and M

Spider-Man/Rocket/Strange: Using Log Trap and Web Ball

Thor/Doom/Strange: Mid Screen set up with missiles, corner carry missile set up
Thor/Nova/Strange: Level 1 Grav Pulse hard tag, Level 3 Grav Pulse tag after mighty tornado
Thor/Strange/Modok: Using Balloon Bomb assist to hard tag with mighty strike
Thor/Strange/Sentinel: Uses Drones to set up the tag with mighty strike
Thor/Rocket/Strange: Using Log Trap and charged Mighty Strike H

Trish/Rocket/Strange: meterless hard tag with Rocket's log trap and round trip
Trish/Strange/Doom: meterless hard tag with Doom's Hidden Missiles and round trip

Vergil/Strange/Doom: meterless hardtags with doom's hidden missiles and round trip
Vergil/Strange/Spencer: using spencer's slant shot assist to set up round trip hard tags

OTG Set Ups

A set up that involves hard tagging and using an OTG assist or a Grace of Hoggoth from a hard knockdown or ground bounce.

Ghost Rider: Using his OTG assist after his own DHC
Haggar: BnB to hard tag with Viper assist, same set up with wesker
Thor: After a ground bounce using a Grace to OTG

Mission Mode


Tips and Tricks

  • Many of Strange's projectiles are slow enough that he can teleport behind the opponent before they reach them. Use this for ambiguous mixups, or to make tricky approaches completely safe.
  • Eye of Agamotto, when struck by an Impact Palm, is one of the best projectiles for starting a mix-up, due to its slow movement and homing capabilities.
  • Spell of Vishanti is an extremely fast Hyper that can hit the opponent anywhere on the screen. Use this to punish almost anything on reaction.
  • Due to Spell of Vishanti's sheer speed, you can actually combo into it from Astral Magic (Strange's Level 3 Hyper), but the timing is somewhat strict.
  • If the opponent is blocking in the corner, you can use Daggers of Denak M.png from point blank range to have the Daggers hit from BEHIND the opponent, forcing them out of the corner, which can allow you to teleport behind them. Note that these Daggers have a lot of startup, so you'll often need to incorporate this into a block string, and / or use an assist to keep Strange safe.
  • Eye of Agamotto hits up to 10 times while stationary, and up to another 10 times when in motion (when struck by Impact Palm). If the opponent blocks the initial cast of the Eye, you can Impact Palm it for 20 hits of chip, and use this time to start a new teleport mix-up!
  • Mystic Sword projectiles have immense durability; they will destroy almost any other regular projectile in their way. If your opponent likes throwing fireballs at you, use Mystic Sword M.png to pierce right through and hit them.
  • While the Rings of Raggador hyper counters projectiles, some projectiles (mostly beams) will actually cease to exist if the opponent X-Factor cancels them. Bear this in mind, as some players may fire a beam, wait for you to attempt the counter, XFC their beam (or even Hyper Cancel), and punish (or mount a new offense), as they have X-Factor, and you have wasted a meter. This goes double for beam Hypers. Spend the time in training, and learn which projectiles stop when canceled. One example of this is Doom's Plasma Beam: if he shoots the beam, and you attempt to counter with Rings of Raggador, he can actually Hyper Cancel on reaction into Photon Array, causing you to both waste the meter, and likely get punished, or at least take chip, from the Array.
  • Spend a lot of time understanding Strange's Teleport - it should be used to make any block strong safe, and mount a lot of offense and pressure. Strong Strange play will often have him Teleporting more often than walking or dashing!



Basic Strategy

When playing as Strange, the basic idea is to get away from the opponent and set up a projectile zoning game. From here, you can use teleport mixups in conjunction with projectiles to annoy the opponent and eventually land a hit, preferably with an Impact Palm, causing a crumple state. From here, you can land any of Strange's extremely long, damaging combos, and then apply wakeup pressure. In many ways, Strange is something of a momentum-based character. Once he gets the first hit into a combo, he can use many of his tools, such as Eye of Agamotto and Daggers of Denak M.png to keep the opponent blocking on wakeup, and add new pressure. You just have to know when momentum has run out, or when you're unsafe, then run away, and zone again. Just don't forget to abuse Spell of Vishanti.

Advanced Strategy

Strategy vs. Doctor Strange

  • One of Strange's biggest weaknesses is the area directly above him. Outside of his Spell of Vishanti Hyper, he has no way to quickly stop or attack an enemy from above. Even his Illusion counter has enough recovery time that you can often punish him for trying it after a jump-in. With this in mind, teleports are often very useful against him, especially Strider's Vajra.
  • Be very careful when Strange has meter. His Spell of Vishanti hyper comes out in one frame (almost instantaneously), allowing him to punish almost any move, from anywhere on the screen. He can also X-Factor Cancel this move, and lead to a full-damage combo. As long as he has meter, do not throw out random moves, especially from a range.
  • Strange's S.png attack has immense recovery time. On block, this is one of the most easily punished moves in the game.
  • Strange lacks a strong mix-up game and mobility without the use of his teleports. When push comes to shove, you can block most of his assaults rather easily with enough patience. Note, however, that he can teleport to make many of his normal attacks safer, so don't get too anxious to punish.
  • Strange, like Phoenix before him, is one of the only characters that cannot teleport behind his opponent when they are cornered. Use this to your advantage. Note above (in the Tips and Tricks section), that he DOES have tricks to pull you out of the corner, as well as the decent option select of Impact Palm / forward throw.

Useful Strategy and Tech Videos

YouTube : bad video ID !