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Urien's Character Select Portrait
Urien's Neutral Stance


Urien is a character that relies mostly on setups, basic mixups and normal moves. His basic game is extremely straightforward and his attacks aren't that unique, but his sum is greater than it's parts. Due to Aegis Reflector he can truly shine in competitive play. If you want an extremely meter dependent character that can turn a knockdown or favorable position into something akin to slaughter, Urien is your man.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

LP - Urien jabs into the air quickly, primary uses include comboing into s.MP, a quick, mediocre anti-air, hiding a charge, in mid-screen unblockable combos, a "filler" attack when going for pressure and confusing an opponent before a throw. Cancelable into: Self, MP, Special, Super

MP - Urien stretches with his right hand very far for a nice punch, solid poke, very good counter-poke, works as a decent anti-air, for resets, and stops some moves pretty clean (mostly rushing attacks). If used as anti-air, can be canceled into a tackle, headbutt or anti-air fireball to mess up would be air-parries. Combos in certain situations (into headbutts and tackles). Good all around move. Best move for wiffing to gain meter. Cancelable into: Special, Super

HP - Urien throws out a mean karate chop. Great move, comes out fast, unpunishable from a good range, does great stun and a lot of damage, knocks aerial opponents to the ground, stuffs a lot of good moves, a great poke to throw out, has an extremely large variety of uses, possibly Urien's best normal attack.

LK - Urien shifts his foot forward a little bit, like LP except worse in almost every way, except it doesn't whiff versus crouching opponents (in which a crouching LP would work just as well in that case). Cancels into: Special, Super

MK - Urien fully extends his right leg in a side kick, poke with great range, can be used to keep certain characters like Hugo and Q in their place. Not much use otherwise. Good to throw out there every once and a while.

HK - Urien lifts his leg torwards the sky and swings it down like an axe. Slow overhead, makes Urien back up a TINY bit, so it can be used to avoid certain moves as well as to avoid throws. Good to throw out during throw setups to catch people off gaurd. Two hits, knocks down in air. Not a good every day move but it's nice to throw out every once in a while. Unsafe on block, can be reversaled by certain moves (Shippu for example)

Crouching Normals

LP - Urien does a light backfist. See standing LP, can combo in a couple situations. Used primarily in the cases where standing LP would be used (and would not miss). Can combo into Tyrant Slaughter (but why would you be using that?). Cancelable into: Self, Special, Super

MP - An elbow attack that slides Urien forward, not many uses for this move except keeping an opponent cornered for a few attacks, can also be used to go behind opponents when they are jumping in for an attack. Goes under Remy's High LOV, and can escape demon flip mixups.

HP - Urien palms upward, followed by a rising elbow attack in the same motion, Basic launcher, extremely crucial to Uriens game, starts juggles. 2 hits, can be used twice in a row versus some characters, limited mid-juggle use. Cancelable into: Special, Super

LK - Used in unblockable situations and as a quick poke. A solid low attack. Great for breaking out of pressure strings. Cancelable into: Special, Super

MK - Mostly used as a good poke, pretty basic c.MK, doesn't combo, great range, not very good priority so can be easily counter poked.

HK - Sweep, has AMAZING range for a sweep and fairly safe at range as well. Similar in most ways to a shoto sweep, albeit a little slower startup.

Jumping Normals

Most of Urien's jumping moves are seldom used in anything, the primary exception being jumping HK, which is a very very good move.

LP - Urien places his elbow near his thigh and holds it in place. Pathetic range, stays out his entire jump.

LK - Throws his knee forward. Slightly better range than jumping LP. Pretty much entirely useless unless you want to beat your opponent in an air-to-air fight.

MP - Urien swipes horizontally. decent for air to air as it stays out for a bit.

MK - A simple horizontal kick, good range, nothing spectacular.

HP - Urien slams slightly downward, lots of hitstun and good damage. But still worse than jumping HK in every concievable way.

HK - Has almost retarded priority, starts up pretty fast and does good damage. This is the single reason Urien will likely jump in a match. Can be used in pretty much any situation where Urien needs a safe poke. Cancelable into: SA1


Destroy Claw


An 8-hit neutral throw. When you perform this throw, drum your fingers across all 3 punches in a piano like fashion to speed up the process. If all 8 hits connect, it does more stun than Spartan Bomb. However, the drawback is you will never be able to pull off all 8 since the opponent can mash out of it. Thus, you will never use this throw as the Spartan Bomb is better than this throw in every way.

Spartan Bomb


One of the best throws in the game. Its range is superior than most, the damage is great, and the throw keeps the opponent right next to you. Always try to throw your opponents in the direction closer to the corner.

Command Normals

Quarrel Punch


This move is quite good for an anti-air as the reach is far, however, try to use it at maximum range. When you are executing a corner juggle, use this as a finisher to reset the opponent. This is a viable poke for taller characters such as Hugo, Q, Urien, Alex, and Dudley when they are on the ground. Can be cancelled into F HP.

Quarrel Kick


This move has great reach, however it is easily parried. It has a great number of active frames, and is thus used as the standard guard break for Aegis Reflector unblockables. Other than that, do not use it.

Terrible Smash


This is an overhead attack. The move comes out pretty fast, and makes for a good meaty attack.

Target Combos

F MP -> F HP

You'll only land both hits on a standing opponent if they were quite close, but on a crouching opponent the F MP will whiff. Not too great of a combo as most of the cast are too short to get hit by F MP, and not only that, when you do happen to connect the first hit, the F HP will miss unless you were quite close, thus not utilizing the great range of the first attack to it's potential.

Special Moves

I will not go into detail for combo wise, the following is just for throwing out the move as is.

Metallic Sphere

QCF Punch

Kill! A slow projectile that will put the opponent in a juggle state if they are airborne. Used for massive juggles by anti-airing.

LP version - Standard horizontal projectile. Basically used to keep the opponent busy parrying it, to throw some light pressure on. Greatest recovery time of the 3 versions. Don't use it if you are less than 2/3 screen away from the opponent.

MP version - Angled shot at 30 degrees. Primarily used for anti-air.

HP version - Angled shot at 45 degrees. Very fast recovery time., so fast that if you happen to shoot someone at point-blank, you are safe on block. Situational anti-airs for high jumpers such as Necro and Chun-li.

EX version - No angle, shot travels much slower than any version for 2 hits. DON'T USE IT.

Chariot Tackle

Charge B, F Kick

Crush! The chariot tackle is Urien's signature move. Although it should NEVER be thrown out randomly, only use it for juggling and if you must throw one out, make sure to have an Aegis Reflector ready to cancel into to protect you from being punished if it gets blocked.

LK version - Comes out quite fast, but has short range, use for punishing blocked moves such as a sweep from Ken.

MK version - Travels about 1/2-1/3 screen, the staple one to cancel into Aegis for a safe mixup afterwards.

HK version - Slow start-up, longest recovery of all version. Reaches a screen-length, so its good to cancel into aegis to trap opponents. Other than that, don't use it outside of juggles.

EX version - comes out lightning fast as Urien zips across the screen. Use sparingly, to catching opponents off guard on to continue corner juggles. Can be linked into Tyrant Slaughter.

Dangerous Headbutt

Charge D, U Punch

Eh-yah! A leaping headbutt that jumps over low attacks in the process, does great stun, and knocks down. Being a leap attack like a UOH, it therefore beats out throws as well. The EX version however, puts the opponent in a juggle state, and does massive stun. After a blocked or whiffed headbutt, you should always attempt a throw. On Hugo, Alex, and Urien - After a landed Headbutt, you can do c.lp to reset the character.

LP version - Excellent move. This is the version you would throw out randomly and in poking, comes out almost instantly. Does not cross over downed or crouching opponents except chun and oro. Try to use as often as possible.

MP version - Travels a little farther and higher than LP version. Crosses over grounded. Can be used for anti-air and juggles, but use sparingly.

HP version - Travels far and high, and thus is very floaty and slow. Crosses over grounded or crouched opponents as well. DON'T USE IT.

EX version - Excellent move, has same startup as MP version, however, it has the fastest recovery time of all versions and is safe on block. This is the version to throw out if you aren't using the LP version and if you have meter to burn. Two-hits, and puts opponents in a juggle state. Crosses over grounded or crouched opponents.

Violence Kneedrop

Charge D, U Kick

Destroy! A move the opponents can see coming from a mile away - parry bait. If it gets blocked, you are still screwed, however, if your knee bangs into the opponents lower body, then Urien will become grounded so that you would be relatively safe.

LK version - You can use this, but make it whiff! Can be used to "psych opponents out." But really...you'd be better off NOT using it.

MK version - DON'T USE IT.

HK version - Use it when you are cornered and need to escape.

EX version - Comes out lighting quick, homing into the opponent. Use it for when opponent throws out a projectile like a hadouken, or for chip kills.

Super Arts


I will list the most practical/common combos that do not require the use of Super Art.

Midscreen Combos

c.HP - MK tackle

c.HP - MP headbutt (Use LP headbutt for Chun-li and Elena)

c.HP - c.HP - MP headbutt (Elena only)

c.HP - c.HP - MK tackle (Elena only)

EX required:

c.HP - EX headbutt - MK tackle

c.HP - EX headbutt - MP headbutt

MP x EX headbutt - MP sphere - MK tackle

Corner Combos

Note: All final moves can be swapped with a f.MP for a reset.

c.HP - LK tackle - LP sphere - LK tackle - HP (Works on Chun-li, Makoto, Necro, Twelve, and Elena) PS. Works on Alex and Dudley but almost impossible to do so.

c.HP - MK tackle - MK tackle - MP headbutt (Can be used against all of the characters listed above as well as shotos and Urien) PS. Works against Yun, Yang, Remy, Ibuki but very difficult to connect.

c.HP - MK tackle - HP

c.HP - walk a half-step forward to LK tackle - c.HP - LK tackle (For Hugo Only)

c.HP - LK tackle - MP sphere - HK tackle - LK tackle (Chun-li, Necro, Q)

c.HP - LK tackle - HP sphere - HK tackle - HK tackle (For Q Only)

EX Required:

MP x EX headbutt - HK tackle - MK tackle - MK tackle

c. HP - MK Tackle - EX Tackle - HK Tackle (Does NOT work on Necro, Twelve, Alex, and Hugo)

c. HP - EX Tackle - HK Tackle - MK Tackle (Variation of the above)

Anti-Air Combos

Obviously from midscreen, if you land a Metallic Sphere on an airborne character - you can only tack on a HK tackle, but if you are near the corner or in the corner, then proceed with the following. The following combos are after you hit an airborne character with a sphere.

HK tackle - MK tackle - EX tackle - HK tackle (Does NOT work on Necro, Twelve, Alex, and Hugo)

HK tackle - EX tackle - HK tackle - MK tackle (Variation of the above)

HK tackle - MK tackle - MK tackle - HP

HK tackle - MK tackle - LP sphere - LK tackle - HP

Frame Data



Command Normals

Special Moves

Super Arts

Additional Frame Data



Urien has three stages: A) No Aegis B) Aegis Stocked C) Aegis Out (And not wasted)

Your primary goal is to get to stage C. To get there, your primary goal should be to fight for space (don't get backed into a corner), meter (work your way to stage B) and a knockdown (as to safely plant an Aegis or lay down damage and get meter at a much lower risk). Learn how to play each stage of Urien properly, and focus on getting to stage C. Urien's primary strength comes from Aegis, his combos are stronger, his mixups are safer and his normals have more priority.


Super Art Selection

Super Art 1 QCFx2 P - Tyrant Punisher (Also refered to as Tyrant Slaughter)

An extremely basic super art that combos off all essential moves. Does great damage, combos easily and can be used as Uriens only real "good" reversal. Recommended for beginner Urien players.

Super Art 2 QCFx2 P - Jupiter Thunder (Also refered to as Jupitel Thunder or Temporal Thunder).

"Projectile" super art. Launches a blast of electrical energy that eventually weakens into a metallic sphere. Does decent stun damage, pretty poor at anything else. Decent in corner juggles, the closer you are to the opponent, the better it is.

Super Art 3 QCFx2 P - Aegis Reflector

Considered Urien's best Super Art, also one of, if not the most unique one in the game. Urien creates a shield that will hit 6 times, and remain near stationary once it reaches its destination, homing in very slowly. Strength of the P button determines how far it will travel. EX version moves the same distance as the LP version with an upward angle. Because projectiles must be blocked in the way they originated from, Urien can cross up the opponent and create situations where an opponent must parry/reversal their way out or eat guaranteed damage. This is an unblockable situation. Also, because an opponent will have much trouble acting if an Aegis Reflector is on top of them on wakeup, it is used to create mixup games which are near inescapable. Urien can also use the reflector to cancel a Chariot Tackle, and then do another series of Chariot Tackles into the corner. Because of the Aegis' versatility and 2 super bars, it is considered the best Super Art Urien has.


Urien has no kara techniques.


Urien's primary pokes are s.MP s.HP s.MK c.MK c.LK c.HK j.HK Most other attacks are poor pokes.


Urien has a plethora of crossups, 2 high attacks, and a large amount of unblockables, as well as setups that lead into mixups.

The most basic of such are his crouching kicks (all hit low), Universal Overhead and F HP hitting high.

Additional Notes

Urien is the third tallest character in the game, Q and Hugo are the only ones taller than him, because of his size, it changes a few situations slightly. (He can be reset in situations where others can't). He also cannot duck under certain things like fireballs and specific standing attacks.

Urien has an EXTREMELY fast, far dash. So fast that it's viable to dash in and throw the opponent after blocking or parrying certain moves. He can also push downed characters to the corner very quickly with it. Urien's dash can usually cross-up tech-recovering characters.

Urien has a very high defense rating, rivaled only by Alex, and beaten by Hugo and (taunted) Q.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Twelve - Twelve is very VERY susceptible to air fireballs. If you nail one the match will quickly turn in your favor DRAMATICALLY. You can punish his HK with a parry, dash in throw. It must be stressed that an anti-air fireball in most cases mean the match for Twelve, try and land one without risking too much. This is likely Urien's best matchup.

Sean - Treat him like a normal shoto, only worse in every way :) His combo options are more limited, and his space control is worse and less threatening.

Q - s.MP stops a lot of attacks cold, including dash punches. LP headbutt will trade/reset you with most attacks (which is an advantage if you seek to escape the corner), or beat out a C