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One of the parts of our bodies which receive the least amount of attention is out feet. We to utilise the beauty salon looking after our hair or buying lavish lotions for the faces but how much to we really take care of our feet? When you have healthy feet, it's quicker to enjoy an all-around healthy body.


A lot of people don't realize how amazing their feet actually are. Our feet have evolved into our multi-functioning system used for travel. The human foot has more neuro receptors than anywhere else within our body with over 200,000 nerve endings. The reason behind this really is to inform your mind the type of ground your are walking.

Previously years, shoe companies have told us the more support and cushioning our shoes have, the better it is for our backs, joints, and muscles however the opposite is true. When it comes to shoes and sole construction, less is more. The issue with considerable amounts of cushioning and padding within the soles in our shoes is that it blocks the neuro receptors on the bottom of our feet from signaling our minds.

The footwear you purchase should be accustomed to protect your feet but should not impede on your foot's natural stride ability and really should let your feet to have the ground beneath them. The feet do not require unnecessary support and cushioning, therefore you should consider buying footwear that's close to being barefoot.

You will find barefoot athletic shoes employed for athletic purposes. If you are searching for an informal shoe that has limited amount of cushioning you can find all-natural genuine leather soft soled moccasins without any foam insole. This is the closets thing to being barefoot since the only material separating you from the floor is the durable layer of leather. Handmade genuine leather moccasin shoes are a barefoot/minimalist shoe offer no arch support along with a soft and flexible sole. This is actually the closest thing to being barefoot with full range of motion.

The fantastic thing about wearing genuine leather is it is a tough material that will last a long time. The thinner the material the lighter weight steps you will take that will cause less deterioration of your leather moccasins. With all-natural leather moccasins you will be able to have the ground beneath you while having a full-range of motion that won't hinder your foot's natural stride ability.