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I have been a longtime fan of fighting games dating back to the release of Street Fighter II in Arcades. (Karate Champ was fun, but lacked that 'Skill' SF2 brought to the masses.) I feel that this genre of games has been declining in the day and age of FPS shooters on home consoles, but I am happy to see that there is a Wiki such as devoted to these games. I am impressed with the amount of detail put into some of these guides, but there is still alot of helpful info/history that can be added, and I would like to contribute where I can. Even if it's only a simple spell check, or layout tweak. I appreciate the fact that others are willing to devote their time to ensure that information on these games gets documented (properly) and I would like to help add to, and maintain the info that's already here. I have no real ties to arcade machines, or game production professionally, but I am a devoted fan, and I think that makes me a good candidate for the Shoryuken Wiki.