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I am a fighting gamer. I enjoy playing any kind of fighting games at a regular level. I like watching tournaments as well which can help me teach myself how to be better at the genre. I enjoy watching people like Justin Wong beat gamers from all around the world. I like to learn fighting game terminology like meter and OTG, such. I have a really strong attitude and I can get really hype from events like EVO. I like to watch streams on twitch and YouTube in my spare time.

Sometimes I like to go after top-tiers. It's not usually what I think, but I do have some skill in low-tiers as well.

If I were to make a fighting style, I would do a MvC3 version of Seth.


SSF4AE v2012: Cammy | UMvC3: Zero/Dr. Doom/Phoenix | TTT2: Nina/Lars | DoA5U: Lei Fang | P4A: Mitsuru | SCV: Viola | SFIII:TS Chun-Li | SSBB: Snake | SSBM: Marth | SC2HDO: Taki | VF5FS: Akira | SFxT v2013 Jin/Chun-Li | Injustice: Killer Frost | MK 2011: Kabal | BBCSX: Hakumen | DS3(Res/HD): Hsien-Ko | GGXXAC+: Baiken | KoF XIII: Hwa/King/Takuma | MvC2: Iron Man/Storm/Cable | PSASBR: Raiden | Skullgirls: Filia/Parasoul/Valentine | SSF2THDR: Ryu | TvC UAS: Zero/Alex | For my counterpicks, I have a Eventhubs profile showing them off. I can't fill all my mains in this page.