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Been a fan of video games for a long time, and much like everyone else, I grew up playing SF2. I didn't really play the game competitively at any level until late 2011 at Super Arcade, at which point, I completely fell in love with SF2 all over again. The most populated scene for the game is ST, so that's what I focus most of my attention on nowadays. Besides being a player, I also help organize tournaments, take videos of local tourneys and post results, help out with efforts, and also produce a small tutorial series on fundamental and ST-specific basics over at as well as having youtube replays of those tutorials.

My request to be an author for the SRK Wiki stems from the fact that the ST section is woefully devoid of a lot of the nuances and specific details in each character's strategy and their approach to matchups. It's also missing a lot of links to quality video examples that showcase the descriptions found in the wiki, which I hope to remedy. I will only be making alterations to the SF2: Super Turbo sections. Many of us have discussed requesting authorship in order to produce a concerted effort to bolster the ST wiki for the sake of the community, and I hope to be a contributing member to the ST scene.