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I am a relatively new member to the fighting game community, only 3 years strong, but I have spent a great deal of that time improving myself and sharing any wisdom I have gathered from better players than I, and from extensive hard work and research in every game I dedicate my time towards. Currently I have put forth extensive effort into Chaos Breaker, a game finally released on console after 6 years in the occasional shadowy corner of large Japanese arcades. Now that I have garnered a reputable amount of information, I wish to add to the wiki page to make this relatively (physically) unaccessible game more technically accessible to others, who constantly blow up the official thread with highly rudimentary questions that could be answered if more knowledgeable players were able to add basic game knowledge to the official wiki page. With that said, I feel as though I am one of, if not the most well-versed player of this game on the site thus far, and wish to help others to reach the same extent of game knowledge so that the game can grow and prosper in a way to suit it's currently booming popularity. I have not yet contributed to a wiki page, but I have however written many guides for newer players I know somewhat personally and compiled well-transcribed game information for my own purposes and am well versed in HTML.