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Avid FG player since 2008.

Trying to contribute to some outdated wikis (alpha 2, alpha 3, cvs2) and easily fixable pages.


Working on

-Street Fighter Alpha 2 (presentation, button images, more complete writeups[pulled from the forums])
-MvC2 (Making a proper character select with images, finishing top 12 characters)
-Street Fighter x Tekken (basically everything)
-Fighting EX Layer page (basically everything)
-Main page- changing the games that appear, both within images and on the side


-Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Basically everything)
-Last Blade 2 redesign (hitboxes and presentation for some characters)
-CvS2 (Making a proper character select with images, fixing -a lot- of stubs


-X-Men: Children of the Atom (anything remaining for the guide- says it's 80%)
-Killer Instinct 2013 (basically everything)
-Kof 98- UM (fixing stubs for my personal characters- Mai, EX Mai, EX Geese, Chizuru)
-Street Fighter EX2 Plus (basically everything)
-Darkstalkers 3- cleaning up the clone articles and incorporating hitbox data