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Quite long time ago i started to use this site in order to know all the special moves properties and attacks,everything,now that i´m already qualified to discover by my self and knowing all the terms around the world of fighting games,almost a professional player but with a dream to become one,at least i want to help,i can not do very well with frame data cause i do not know how to obtain the exact frame data of the characters moves but i want to really put all the properties,damages,motions of every move of every character in some games that aren´t completed and i want to put some combos and video tutorials by my own youtube starting new channel,so i want a help,to help you too,we will help each other,and i´ll be highly thankful. I want to start by the new game injustice,and by the Mortal Kombat to,depending on me,all the games from Netherealm cause i love them so much!