Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition/Vega (claw)

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Color Options

Default Start
Vega-mp.gif Vega-old1.gif

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Backflip: b, b

Rolling Claw: b~f + Punch

Wall Jump: dcuf/dcub + Kick

Dive Claw: Punch

Izuna Drop: f + Punch when close

Rainbow Suplex: f + Medium or Hard Punch

Stardust Drop: close, f + Medium or Harp Punch in air

The Basics

Anti Air: standing High Punch

High Poke: crouching Medium Punch

Low Poke: crouching Medium Kick


  • LP Rolling Claw,cr.MP
  • j.MK,cr.MK,cr.MP

Advanced Strategy