Vice (CvS2)

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Move List

Normal Moves

Special Moves


  • Negative Gain (hcb, hcb + K)

Extremely useful to Vice's mix-up game. It has a little more range than the average grab, so it's great for tick grabbing. If she whiffs, she does a quick backflip, leaving her relatively safe (unless there's a wall behind her, meaning her backflip won't cover any ground).

  • Withering Force (qcf, qcf + P)

Its only practical use is as a lvl3 super versus long range fireballs. The lvl3 version covers about 85% of the screen! It whiffs if you and your opponent are on or close to opposite ends of the stage. She leaps pretty high as well, so you might cross-up your opponent (and, unfortunately, whiff) if you're too close or if the opponent is crouching.

The Basics

Bread and Butter Combos

1. x3 xx qcb+hp xx dp+hk.

This is going to be the combo you get most often, good damage off of low hitting shorts.

2., c.lp, c.fp xx qcb+hp xx dp+hk.

Can be done on most characters, point blank, and does really good damage after a cross-up.


Super Combos

Custom Combos

Advanced Strategy

Mix-up: Run close to fallen opponent, tick with (, / (,c.lp) / / / /, and do Negative Gain (HCBx2 + K). If the opponent starts jumping after your ticks, try doing,c.lp,*small_pause*,c.hp, hcf+lk. It's safer to leave out the first, because c.hp might whiff if you don't get close enough to your opponent.