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2. qcb+A(counterhit), qcb+A, qcf+P - 25%
2. qcb+A(counterhit), qcb+A, qcf+P - 25%
'''Attack Strings:'''<br>
1. Crouch D, qcb+B/hcf+B<br>
2. Close D, f+A, hcf+B<br>
3. CD, hcf+B/qcb+D<br>
4. Far B, Far B, hcf+B
'''Move Properties:'''<br>
-cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, close D, crouch D, jump A, jump C<br>
-CD is cancellable into specials and DMs<br>
-free cancellable into moves are qcb+P, hcf+K and qcb+K(air)<br>
-free cancellable out-of moves are f+A, qcb+P and qcb+K<br>
-f+A is an overhead and is cancellable if cancelled into<br>
-f+A if the opponent was in the air, qcf+P followup of qcb+P and hcf+P, hcbx2+K/BD, qcfx2+P/AC and hcf uf d+AC HSDM, are all hard knockdowns<br>
-knocks down if it hits opponent in the air
[[Category:The King of Fighters 2002]]
[[Category:The King of Fighters 2002]]

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1. Close D, f+A, hcf+B - 35%
2. Close D, hcbx2+K - 40%
3. Close D, qcb+C, qcf+P - 30%
4. Close A/B, hcf+P, qcf+P - 25%
5. Crouch B, Crouch AA, qcb+A, qcf+A - 25-30%

1. Close D/f+A, BC, walk Close D, hcbx2+BD - 65%

1. CD(counterhit), qcb+D - 30%
2. qcb+A(counterhit), qcb+A, qcf+P - 25%