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The Evolution Championship Series, frequently referred to as just Evo, is an annual, predominantly North American, fighting video game tournament held at various venues around North America. It was brought about and established in 2002 to replace the B-Series tournaments held annually prior to it's inception. The championship consists of qualifying rounds (four, since EVO 2007, designated EVO East, West, North and South) and a final round dubbed Evo World. Each round holds a tournament for each game within the line up (typically double elimination, and is held over a weekend.


-- Origins within B-series --, -- people involved --, -- connection and link with ---. After concerns were raised on the forum about a particular player escalating trash talking to threatening, the staff made public a ban on all players who might engage in threatening conduct, or other such thug-like activities.

Game representation over the years is as follows.

The 2006 championship series is noteworthy for being the first, and thus far, only instance of a non fighting game taking a tournament slot.


Each tournament is played either individually (with the exception of the Guilty Gear tournament, which is usually in teams of three) in a double-elimination (single elimination for Guilty Gear) system to determine a winner. Attendance to a qualification rounds is not mandatory in order to join the Evo World round as each and every stage of the championship is open. Qualifier rounds serve to secure players a higher seed position for the final tournament than they might otherwise obtain by only attending World.

Unlike other fighting game tournaments, such as Tougeki, Evolution allows players to play games casually outside of the tournament setting, setting aside areas for players to set up their own consoles called "Bring your own Console" or "BYOC".



2007 Champions

Game Team Name Player(s) Character(s)
Arcana Heart - ?@?? Lieselotte/Bhanri
Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition - Sarusube Astaroth
The King of Fighters '98 - Xiaohai (??) Iori/Daimon/O.Chris
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Version B2 Nobless Oblige

(???? ?? ????)

Yuu (??)

Denpa (??)

Tohno Akiha

Yumiduka Satsuki

Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition ??? Nuki (??)

Kurahashi (????)

ST Chun-Li

CE Guile

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Team Qin Ja Rou Su Mainstreet Ryu Junior (Nidaime Mensutoryu)




Feng Wei


Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike ?????????????? Uzemono (??)

Matsuda (??)

Shiro Itachi (?????)




Guilty Gear XX ? Core Oniganii (?????) Ogawa (??)

Niga (??)





Virtua Fighter 5 Version C Clarken Chibita






DVD releases

The championships are filmed and through the staff, are released in DVD format over multiple discs for seperate games (multiple games where footage is less abundant are compounded). This typically occurs a few months after the championship finishes.

Because of DVD production problems, The 2005 DVD release was through torrent files of the ISO disc images and arrived around the time that the 2006 championship was set to begin.

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