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Brocken has risen a bit as of late. His main strength lies with the long-ranged high priority low MP and low HP. His anti-air special is strong once you get used to the motion, and the EX version is the same except more so. Neutral HK is an overhead. Air ABC allows him to escape some bad situations, and he can cancel it to remain safe. His normal super has very little use, but the Hero version is AMAZING - invincible until he hits you, and the initial explosion is unblockable! His greatest weakness is that he is the absolute least damaging character unless he can land that super. There is a Japanese match vid that shows him landing lots of crossup missiles, but that is a lie; there is no real mixup with them, as he cannot make them hit in front. As such, his gameplay is rather lacking in variety. The really quick characters eat him up, but he can hang with the rest. Actually seems to fight Ryofu extremely well...

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