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Carn may or may not belong this high, we need to see if he can handle ninjas - my current hunch is that he can, but we can't say for sure yet. The guy hits hard and has great priority on a number of normals (slides, s.HK, f+MK, anti-air low HK). He actually has a wall jump, which makes his j.HK annoying because of the angle. Awesome set of specials - torpedo beats almost anything, the flying ball can cross up or hit in front depending on the version used, and the flame punch is a safe invincible anti-air (well, anti-everything really). His EX is pretty meh (damage, but no invincibility), but his super is arguably the best in the game - that geyser does SO MUCH CHIP, it gives him frame advantage on block, and the Hero version is completely invincible. His hopkick & short slide give him a frustrating offense, as he can throw you or flame punch or even Hero super! Not sure if he has any bad matchups honestly...

Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Normal Throws

Special Moves

Super Moves


  • Deep Jumping HK, Close Standing HP, Crouching MK > Mongolian Tiger Flash

Frame Data