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Fuuma may end up #2, honestly - he has NO truly bad matchups as far as we can tell. We thought he was trash when starting out, because he does no real damage, but his strengths don't become apparent until you play a variety of matchups with him. He has the same double jump as Hanzou, plus a wall jump, so he mainly wants to fight you in the air. His DP is better than Hanzou's, as it hits behind him and thus can stop crossups. His ABC moves are feints, too slow to be useful as cancels but noticeable enough to actually fake people out. His EX isn't particularly good, but his supers sure are; the giant fireball does nice chip, and the dive can cross you up while you're blocking it. The final bit of goodness is his air-to-ground throw, performed with a shortened HCB motion (stop at d/b) and HP. This basically makes every single jump of his into a souped-up Akuma demon flip, which forces the opponent into a difficult guessing game - one they can't even DP out of, thanks to the double-jump!

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