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Muscle Power has the traditional grappler tools and some extras. The dropkick beats lots of things and is FAST, knocks down too. j.MP is one of the highest priority moves in the game, period - I have beaten DPs with it! His sweep, great to begin with, can be jump-canceled, allowing him to harass characters without DPs. One of his strongest features is his ability to do 35-40% damage from a low short: Low LKx2, Low MK xx LK Lariat, Low MK xx Dropkick. He also has a decent overhead (Neutral HP) that combos into the dropkick. More importantly, he is the only character who can throw you from the d/b position (d/b+HP), allowing him to function sorta like ST Honda against characters without fireballs. EX and super are just more command grabs, don't add anything new to his game but they are beefy. His biggest problem is that he has practically no good way to get around projectiles like all the other big guys do, so he often tends to be restricted to a more SF-style game. He also has a hard time against characters who can punish his LK Dropkick, as that is one of his most important moves.

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