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This is probably the most important thing you can learn when entering competitive WHP. So read up and read good.

Lesson 1 - The person defending ALWAYS has the advantage when throwing. I do not know why, but if I block something of yours, and you attempt a throw, and so do I, mine will always win.

Lesson 2 - Letting go of back or down/back while guarding makes you stop blocking. Pressing attack buttons, however, does not.

Combining lessons 1 and 2, the "Guard Option Select Throw" - While blocking, its usually okay to casually hit HP (or HK if you have a kick throw). (you will need to learn if your opponent is in range or not, but that will come with time) If you are doing this, and your opponent is too close and leaves a SINGLE FRAME gap in their poke string, you WILL throw them. Shockingly, many jumping attacks (like fuuma's j.mk) do NOT leave enough blockstun, and you will get a free throw EVERY TIME these attacks are blocked. (There are exceptions, like with fuuma, if he does the j.mk deeper or off a wall jump... but if he does it high to land on you with, you get to throw him).

Counter Lesson 1 - Baiting the "Guard Option Select Throw" - If your opponent is GOST happy, you can use spacing to bait out an unwanted standing hard punch or kick. This can lead to punishment from most characters, and is useful even more so in person (when you can HEAR them wailing on HP while guarding). This takes practice too, and spacing is very important. On a side note, if you are on the ground and in throw range, an opponent waking up will get to throw you for free. It beats everything. Opponents that know this can be tricked rather easily, by standing right over them and jumping straight up as they wake up. They should wiff a HP, so you can land and throw or punish with whatever.

Lesson 3 - "Offensive Option Select Throw" - This is not as important, because for this to work, your opponent has to NOT be using the GOST technique outlined above. If you can somehow make your opponent scared to GOST by baiting and punishing it a few times, you may be able to OOST on them a bit before they catch on. To OOST, you need to use a jumping attack that leaves little blockstun (again like fuuma's j.mk). When you land, you need to hit back or forward plus HP (or HK if you have a kick throw). If your air attack was deep enough, your character will do his HP and continue the blockstring (or combo!!). If it was not, the game will automatically option select for you and get you a throw. This is especially useful for a few characters that have GREAT close standing HP (or HKs), and for Muscle (he can OOST from a crouch, because he can throw from down/back + HP, and no one else can. his c.hp is pretty good too, so its a pretty good thing to learn to utilize with Muscle).

Hope this helps everyone step up their game!