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Shura is one of the most basic and limited characters. Dash punches are OK, though the EX dash upper is all sorts of awesome. His normals stink, and he has no air game to speak of. His DP type kick is fantastic - requires no charge, and he can move left & right while landing to make himself harder to hit. The tiger knee is perhaps his most important move - quick, long range, nice damage, and when blocked he can attack on the way down. The super combos from a couple things, and I forget if it's safe or not. He cannot force any sort of consistent pressure, and his damage is meh. Since he only does a couple things well, he will have a rough time against people who can shut down at least one of those things - mainly those who can punish the tiger knee with a DP or normal.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Normal Throws

Special Moves

Tiger Fang Charge b for 2 seconds,f + P

Tiger Claw Charge b for 2 seconds,f + K

Muetai Kick Charge d, u + K / d,u + K guide with b or f to determine where you land

Double Knee Kick qcf, uf + K first knee must touch the opponent for the second one to come out can perform an air move after special bounces off opponent

Super Moves

Muetai Machine Gun qcb, db, d, uf + MP+MK dash in must connect to perform the Desperation; knocks opponent to wall


Frame Data