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= Match-ups =
= Match-ups =
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Moves List

Normal Moves

Overhead Punch F+Mp
Overhead Kick F+Mk
Upward Midkick (in air) U+Mk
Upward Roundhouse (in air) U+Hk

Special Moves

Gouhadoken (also in air) Qcf+P
Goushoryuken Dp+P
Goutatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (also in air) Qcb+K
Dive Kick (in air) Qcf+K
Ashura Warp Dp or Rdp+3P or 3K

Super Moves

Mesatsu Goushoryuken Qcf+PP
Mesatsu Gouhadoken Qcb+PP
Mesatsu GouHadoken Rain (in air) Qcf+PP
Raging Demon Lp, Lp, F, Lk, Hp

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Air Counter Infinite:

  • [J.U.Mk XX Hk Tatsumaki]
    • Opponent must be in the air.

FS Setups:

  • Cr.Hp, /\ Sj.Lp, Sj.Lk, Sj.Mp, Sj.U.Mk, Sj.U.Hk, Sj.U.Hk (FS)
  • Cr.Hp, /\ Sj.Lp, Sj.Lk, Sj.U.Mk, Sj.U.Hk, Sj.U.Hk (FS)
  • Cr.Hp, /\ Sj.Lp, Sj.Lk, Sj.U.Hk, Sj.U.Hk (FS)
    • Use these to setup your corner infinites.

Jumping Infinite

  • [J.Lp, J.U.Mk, J.U.Hk]
    • If they to high on your first rep do J.Lp, J.U.Hk instead and then continue normally. If they are falling to low do J.Lp, J.Lk, J.U.Mk, J.U.Hk. Not possible on heavy characters.

Bobbing Infinite

  • Cr.Lk (OTG), Cr.Mp, [S.Lp, Cr.Mp]
    • Not possible on Chun Li, Cammy, Dhalsim, and some heavy characters.

Standing Infinite

  • Cr.Lk (OTG), Cr.Mp, S.Mk(2-hits), S.Hp, S.Hk [S.Lp, S.Mp, S.Mk(2-hits), S.Hp, S.Hk]