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= Match-ups =
= Match-ups =
[[Category:X-Men Vs. Street Fighter]]

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Extended Mp (in air) D+Mp
Extended Hp (in air) D+Hp
Extended Lk (in air) D+Lk
Extended Mk (in air) D+Mk
Extended Hk (in air) D+Hk

Special Moves

Optic Blast (also in air) Qcf+P
Ground Blast Qcb+P
Gene Splice Dp+P
Cyclone Kick Qcb+K
Rushing Punches F, F+Lp+Lk (mash)
Running Tackle F, F+Hp+Hk

Super Moves

Mega Optic Blast Qcf+PP
Super Optic Blast (also in air) F, Df, D+PP

The Basics

Advanced Strategy