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The Leader of the Blue Team of X-Men, Cyclops is strong willed and responsible. In the game he is often called a Shotoclone due to nature of his three main special attacks.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Extended Mp (in air) D.png + Mp.png
Extended Hp (in air) D.png + Hp.png
Extended Lk (in air) D.png + Lk.png
Extended Mk (in air) D.png + Mk.png
Extended Hk (in air) D.png + Hk.png

Special Moves

Optic Blast (also in air) Qcf.png + P.png
Ground Blast Qcb.png + P.png
Gene Splice Dp.png + P.png
Cyclone Kick Qcb.png + K.png
Rushing Punches F.png , F.png + Lp.png + Lk.png (mash)
Running Tackle F.png , F.png + Hp.png + Hk.png

Super Moves

Mega Optic Blast Qcf.png + P.png P.png
Super Optic Blast (also in air) F.png , Df.png , D.png + P.png P.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1) J.DN.HK , C.LK , C.HK XX Hook Kick (OTG)
2) J.DN.HK , S.MK XX LP-Optic Blast
3) C.HK XX Mega Optic Blast (OTG)
4) Leg Tackle, Guidable Optic Beam (OTG)

2) J.DN.LK , J.DN.HK , D.S.LK , S.MK , C.HK XX Optic Sweep (OTG)
3) Have enemy near corner. Leg Tackle. Before they land, S.MP SJ SJ.LP, SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK XX Guidable Optic Beam
Aim the Guidable Optic Beam Diagonally Down/MK immediately or it'll miss. Then, slowly rotate it upwards to catch the enemy as they rise. 4) J.DN.LK , J.DN.HK , D.S.LK , C.MK XX MP-Gene Splice
5) J.DN.HP , J.DN.HK , D.S.LP , S.LP , S.LK , S.LK , S.HK XX Mega Optic Blast
6) HP Throw the enemy into the corner. Before they land, S.HK , S.HK XX Mega Optic Blast, J.HP (FS) , J.HK (FS) Let them drop as far as possible before you hit them with the first S.HK.
7) J.LP , J.LK , J.MP XX Guidable Optic Beam , S.HK XX Mega Optic Blast
8) Have enemy near corner. J.DN.LK , J.DN.HK , D.S.LK , S.HK XX Multi-Attacks [5 hits only], S.MP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS)
9) Against only big enemies, get them in the corner and stand RIGHT next to them. Mega Optic Blast, S.HK XX Mega Optic Blast, S.HK XX Mega Optic Blast

1) Works best against Shotokans (Ryu, Ken, Akuma). Have enemy in corner. J.LP , J.LK , J.MP XX Guidable Optic Beam , S.LK , S.MP XX MP-Gene Splice [do not hit buttons for more hits], HP-Throw, S.HK , S.HK XX Mega Optic Blast, J.LP , J.HK XX Guidable Optic Beam

A lot of timing is needed for this combo. The Throw must be timed JUST right to work. If not timed right, it will punch instead of throw or it'll throw but just not count on the Combometer. Also, the height of the enemy when you hit with the first S.HK and the height of the enemy when you hit them with the Mega Optic Blast will determine whether or not you can combo the J.LP after-wards. Then, if you distanced and timed everything just right, the Guidable Optic Beam WILL combo. If not, it won't combo.

2) Have enemy near corner. J.DN.HP , J.DN.HK , D.S.LP , S.LK , S.MK XX Multi-Attacks [5 hits], S.LP , S.MP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP, SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP SJ DJ.LP , DJ.LK , DJ.MP, DJ.LP , DJ.LK , DJ.HP (FS) , DJ.HK (FS), DJ.HK (FS) , C.LK (OTG) , C.MP , S.HK , S.HK
3) Have enemy in corner. Jump straight up in front of him/her and before you land, do: Guidable Optic Beam , S.LP , S.HK XX Multi-Attacks [5 hits only], J.LP , J.LK , J.MP , J.MK , J.HP (FS) , J.HK (FS) , C.LK (OTG) , C.MP, S.LP , C.MP , S.HK , S.HK