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Dhalsim, the master of Yoga Fire, has the ability to stretch his limbs great distances. He leaves his family at home a periodically joins in fighting tournaments.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Yoga Spear (in air) D.png + K.png
Yoga Mummy (in air) D.png + Hp.png

Special Moves

Yoga Fire (also in air) Qcf.png + P.png
Yoga Flame Hcb.png + P.png
Yoga Strike Hcb.png + K.png
Yoga Teleport (also in air) Dp.png or Rdp.png + ( K.png , K.png , K.png )
or ( P.png , P.png , P.png )

Super Moves

Yoga Inferno Qcf.png + P.png P.png
Yoga Slam Attack Qcf.png + K.png K.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1) HP Throw the enemy into the corner, Yoga Inferno
2) Have enemy in corner. MP Throw, Yoga Strike
3) C.HK XX Yoga Inferno (OTG)
4) HK-Yoga Blast the enemy out of the air, Yoga Inferno

1) J.DN.LK , J.MK , J.HP , C.LK XX Yoga Inferno
2) J.DN.MK , J.HK , S.MP [close] SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS)
3) J.DN.MK , J.HK , S.MP [close] SJ SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS)

1) Get enemy right in the corner. J.DN.MK , J.HK , S.MP [close] SJ SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS), SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS) , J.LK , J.MK , J.HK (FS) , C.LK (OTG) XX Yoga Inferno

  **Note: This combo is TOUGH to pull off.  Okay, here goes: First of all,
          the J.DN.LK must be done VERY high above the enemy's head so
          that when the J.MK , J.HK connects, you'll land right
          next to the enemy so that the S.MP will perform the close-up
          Launcher, not the far away one.  After Launching the enemy, Super
          Jump BACKWARDS so that after the initial Close-up Jumping LK
          connects, the rest of the Air Combo will be done with far away
          attacks... the SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK will all be
          Dhalsim's stretchy attacks.  Then, start changing the arc of your
          jump to start floating towards the enemy.  Once they fall to about
          one body lower than you, do the SJ.LK , SJ.MK ,
          SJ.HK chain.  You'll land and then IMMEDIATELY jump with
          the J.LK or else the enemy will hit the ground and you'll miss.
          Finish the Jumping Air Combo and then tack on the one extra hit at
          the end.  ALWAYS try to do the Yoga Inferno at the end.  Sometimes,
          for no reason that is known to me, the Flying Screen Deteriorates
          and the Inferno will come out despite the fact that the
          J.HK two moves earlier just initiated the Flying Screen!!!
          But it happens VERY rarely, so don't expect it.

2) Have enemy near corner. S.MP SJ SJ.LK, SJ.LK, SJ.LK, SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.HP , S.HK XX MK-Yoga Blast, C.LK (OTG) XX Yoga Inferno

  **Note: This is an alternate finish to Dhalsim's Relaunching Infinite.

3) Have enemy in corner. J.DN.MK , J.HK , S.MP SJ SJ.LK, SJ.LK, SJ.LK, MP-Air Throw, SJ.DN.HK (OTG) , S.MP XX Yoga Inferno
4) Have enemy in corner. J.DN.MK , J.HK , S.MP SJ SJ.LK, SJ.LK, SJ.LK, SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.HP , MP Throw, Yoga Strike

  **Note: The ground throw is very hard to time.  More often than not, you'll
          either Relaunch them or you'll throw them and NOT add to the
          Combometer.  Keep trying and you'll eventually get it (although
          if the throw DOESN'T keep the Combometer going, it'll actually do a
          LOT more damage!!!).