Yamcha (DBZ:B3)

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Combo Starters:


- k+g - >p,p<p,p - <e,e = Good stun, but only "p", "k", and ">k" are guaranteed follow-ups because of Yamchas slow recovery. - <e,e,e,e,e,e = See above comment. - <e,e,e,e - <e,e (In air) - <k = Stuns on counterhit or Back-turned opponent - >k = Stuns Back-turned opponent only


Long Stun = Sidestep cancel possible to follow-up from behind for more damage.

- k,<k~ - k,k,k,k~ - >p,p,<p,p,p~ (Same as the ">p,p,<p,p" stun, but instantly cancelling the final hit of the string negates recovery time enabling easier follow-ups.) - <e,e,e,e~ - <e,e~

Short Stun = Can only follow-up head on, without delay.

- >p,p,p,p~ = Very effective combo starter against short characters. - >k,p,p~ - <p~ = Extremely quick timing - k,k,>k,>k,p~ = Same as above.


Normal Launcher = Strings or attacks that knocks opponent into the air for a Juggle.

- <p+k - p,p,k,>k - p,>p,p - >p,p,p,k - >p,k - <p,<k - k,k,<k - k,k,>k,>k,p - <k,p,p - e (Counterhit)

Cancel Launcher = Combos that when cancelled leaves the opponent in the air for a Juggle.

- p,>p,p,e,e,e,e~ - p,>p,p,e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e~ - k,k,>k,>k,p,e,e,e,e~ - k,k,>k,>k,p,e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e~ - >k,p,p~ (">k" Counterhit) - <e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e~ - <e,e,e,e~ (In air)

Example Combos

(kkkk-)*(ppk>k)^(ppppe) (k+g)*(>pppp~)*(k<k~)*(ppk>k)^(>kpppe) (kkkk~)*sidestep(>pp<ppp~)*(ppk>k)^(ppppe) (kkkk~)*sidestep(>kpp~)*(>pppk)^(p>ppeeeeeeee) (kkkk~)*sidestep(p>ppeeeeeeee~)^(p>ppeeeeeeee) (kkkk~)*(<eeee~)*(ppk>k)^(p>ppeeeeeeee~)^(ppppe) (kkkk~)*(<eeeeee)*(ppk>k)^(p>ppeeee~)^(ppppe) (k<k~)*sidestep(>pk)^(>pppp~)^(p>ppeeeeeeee~)^(ppppe)

Infinite Combos

(<p+k) or any Launcher:

- (p>pp)^(p>pp)^(p>pp)^..... - (>pppp~)^(>pppp~)^(>pppp~)^..... - (>kpp~)^(>kpp~)^(>kpp~)^(>kpp~)^....

Or any combination of "p>pp", ">pppp~", and ">kpp~" within a Juggle. (ppk>k)^(p>pp)^(p>pp)^(>pppp~)^(p>pp)^(>pppp~)^(>kpp~)^(>pppp~)^....

Wolf Fang Fist Cancels("p>ppe" version) can be Juggled infinitely too, for consistent damage.

(ppk>k)^(p>ppeeeeeeee~)^(p>ppeeee~)^(p>ppeeeeeeee~)^.... Combine with the above Combos for extra flashy juggles.


Yamcha can link a >P off a CH <P-. It has to be done perfectly though.


P>PPE doesn't work in the air unless you launch the opponent first, so you'll have to do something like

CH <P- PPK>K^ start infinite CH <P- KK>K>KPEEEEEEEE- start infinite CH <P- >PP<PPP- <EEEEEEEE- start infinite

Yamcha's <P can pass through transformations.


Yamcha combo video WFF Infinite