Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike/Yang

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Yang's Character Select Portrait
Yang's Neutral Stance

Moves List

Normal Moves


Hiza Geri LP LK
Youhon Shiun F LP LK
Monkey Flip B LP LK

Special Normals

Senpuu Kyaku F MK
Raigeki Shuu In air, DF K

Target Combos

  • LK -> MK -> HK
  • MP -> HP -> B HP
  • In air, MK -> DF MK

Special Moves

Tourou Zan D, DF, F P * (EX)
* Up to 3 times, 5 times for EX
Senkyuutai D, DF, F K (EX)
Kaihou F, D, DF K
Byakko Soushouda D, DB, B P *
* hold 2 punch buttons to fake move
Zenpou Tenshin F, DF, D, DB, B K

Super Arts

I Raishin-Mahhaken D, DF, F, D, DF, F P 1 stock
II Tenshin-Senkyutai D, DF, F, D, DF, F K 2 stocks
III Seiei-Enbu D, DF, F, D, DF, F P 1 stock

Why you should play Yang

In order to play Yang you have to play very patiently. Look for your openings and punish very well. Yang may seem like a simple character. But he is not simple by any means. He is extremely reactionary. You have to be able to punish whiffs as you see them or you wont be able to play Yang effectively. Yang has really simple combos but has a really hard style to get a grasp to. Knowing combos is only half the battle. But thats where I will start first.

~3s masta


C. MK xx QCF FP x 3: This is your basic yang combo and your primary punisher when you dont have meter. Use this combo Often.

C. MK xx QCF any 2 punch buttons x 5: this is your primary punisher when you do have meter. This will more than likely be the combo you use the most. So use this combo wisely

Mp hp b, hp xx SA2: This combo is mainly used as a punisher. It does horrible damage but it does score a knockdown... use at your own will.

c lk x2 xx QCF any 2 punch buttons x 5: Nice way to hit confirm his ex tourouzans. Great for mix up game and for punishment. You can also just use one c lk on wake up to keep your opponents off of you. Use this often but watch out for meaties, if used on wake up.

C mk xx SA1: Nice punishement combo and also can be used at will. SA1 lleaves you at 1 frame advantage and leaves them in a massive blockstun. You also get a free mix up after wards due to the ammount of stun thats on the move after block. if you play SA1 make sure to use this combo.

Ill add more combos later

~3s masta

How to play Yang effectively

If you choose to play yang you must learn several things.

1. Yangs mix up game 2. Reaction(this is very important) 3. Spacing 4. Playing it safe.

These are the keys to playing Yang and playing Yang well. Learning combos and learning strats are all apart of learning your character and your characters weaknesses and strengths. Frame data also helps alot with learning your character because you can learn what is safe and what isnt. Read up on how to read frame data in order to further study Yang or any other character that you wish to play and master.

~ 3s masta

Yang frame data

This is the site to look at for Character frame data. Study the numbers very very much. It helps win matches in the long run

~ 3s masta