Young Geese Howard

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NW YoungGeeseHoward.gif


Repuken - qcf+P
Hishou Nichirin Zan - f d df+P
Explosion Ball - qcf+B

Deadly Rave - hcb f+P

Raising Storm - db hcb df+C


Any Mode
1. Crouch B x 4, df+B
2. Crouch A, C, f+B(1 hit), Explosion Ball

Super Cancel:
-Ragin Storm combos into Deadly Rave...timing is different depending on who you are fighting.

Guard Break
1. qcf+CD, E(if needed), Deadly Rave 2. Geese is also one of the few that can link 3 qcf+CDs in a row if timed right!!

(nothing special)

Poke Strings:
1. Crouch B x n, df+b
2. low jump towards D, Crouch B x n
3. D, f+B(1 or 2hits), Repuken
4. CD, Repuken

Tick-Throw Setups:
1. (after a close knockdown) f d df+P, Raising Storm or throw
2. jump in C/D, Raising Storm or throw
3. Deadly Rave(blocked), Raising Storm or throw(walk or run if needed)

Move Properties:
-cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, close D, crouch D, far D
-CD is cancellable into specials
-no special moves are supercancelable
-f d df+P crosses up at point blank range
-Deadly Rave is an invulnerable auto combo -In corner you can juggle qcf+C Reppuken with Deadly Rave.

-play footsies, and try to cancel safe pokes into repuken (like Slide)
-deadly rave is the best super in the game, make it a point for you to land it
-deadly rave is completely safe if blocked; it's insane priority stops most pokes/specials/DMs
-super cancel provides the most meter for deadly rave
-a successful guard break attack guarrantees a deadly rave
-never use unsafe specials outside of a combo
-mixup is essential to playing geese, keep your foe on their toes
-Some characters like Daimon can command grab Geese out of Deadly Rave.
-Hyper Hop CD is Geese's best AA normal.