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Street Fighter Alpha 3SFA3Logo.png

Note: Yun is only playable on the Handheld versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3.


SFA3 yun face.jpg

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Normals

Special Moves

Tetsuzankou: F,D,DF+Punch [X Z V]

-Yun rolls forward, gets up and strikes with his back.  The stronger the Punch
 used, the farther the roll.

Zesshou-hohou: QCF+Punch [X Z V]

-Yun launches himself forward with his fist out. The stronger the Punche
 used, the farther he hops.

Senkyutai: QCF+Kick [X Z V]

-Yun launches himself upward at a slight angle foot-first. The stronger the
 Kick used, the higher Yun propels.

Kobokushi: QCB+Punch [X Z V]

-Yun winds up for a split second and does a short double-palm strike forward.
 This will knock down the opponent.

Fake Kobokushi: QCB+2P [X Z V]

-Yun winds up for a Kobokushi but doesn't strike.

Zenpou-tenshin (throw): HCB+Kick [X Z V]

-Yun grabs his opponent's shoulders and flips over them. This move doesn't
 actually do any damage, but sets Yun up for a quick free hit. It's also

Super Combos

Sourai-Rengeki: QCF,QCF+Punch [X Z]

-Yun slides forward with a series of punches. At levels 2 and 3, he adds a
 multi-hitting jumping skyscraper kick.
    Level 1: 4 Hits      Level 2: 6 Hits        Level 3: 8 Hits

You-hou: QCB,QCB+Punch [Z(LV3)]

-Yun slides forward with a three hit punch-back strike-uppercut combo that
 launches the opponent high into the air.

The Basics

Which Ism?



Highly Recommended!

He had the most easiest V Cycle and Blockstrings in history,why you need Gen Ei Jin if this ISM have a good lenght of bar for damaging combos that makaes 45-60% damage?


Advanced Strategy



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