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Yun's Character Select Portrait
Yun's Neutral Stance


Moves List

Normal Moves


Command Normals

Target Combos

Special Moves

Shoulder (ex) (Tetsu Zankou)

Up Kicks (ex) (Nishou Kyaku)

Lunge Punch (Zesshou Hohou)

Palm ( 2 Punches for fake) (Kobokushi)

Command Grab (Zenpou Tenshin)
HCB K (must be close)

Divekick (Raigeki Shuu)
DF K while in the air angle depends on the kick

Super Arts

You Hou 1 huge bar big damage no one uses it at all

Sourai Rengeki 3 medium size bars good beginner super gives you the bar to use ex moves if needed

Genei Jin 1 short ass bar speeds up your moves so you can combo shit that shouldn't be possible for big damage

Move Analysis


Bread and Butter Combos

Jab,Short,Strong,Fierce Lunge Punch(Zesshou Hohou)

your basic combo learn and learn it well you'll use it more then any other combo you know, works on everyone and knocks down

Jab,Short,Strong,RH Upkicks(Nishou Kyaku)

character specific combo works on alot of people (will list later) same as above but does more damage use this whenever you can. the people I know it works on are: shotos,mak,urien, and q


chain combo combos easily off divekicks, combos into you hou anywhere on the screen, knocks down and away. Works on anyone, cancel into genei jin to keep the pressure on opponents

SA1 You Hou

Jab,Short,Strong,You Hou,follow up with strong shoulder(Tetsu Zankou)fierce lunge (Zesshou Hohou)

77 damage 8 hits

your punisher combo deals great damage which can be a big bonus due to yun's low defense

Jab,Short,Strong,Jab shoulder(Tetsu Zankou) You Hou,follow up with strong shoulder(Tetsu Zankou)fierce lunge (Zesshou Hohou)

75 damage 9 hits

same as above but there are only 2 reasons to do this one.

1.You cant' do the jab short strong cancel in which case stop reading this and go learn it its a valuable asset

2.That last jab shoulder will give you the bar needed to perform the combo

Strong,Fierce,B.Fierce,You Hou, follow up with strong shoulder(Tetsu Zankou)fierce lunge (Zesshou Hohou)

67 damage 9 hits

basic combo works anywhere on the screen use this when your cl.jab won't reach to do the jab short strong

Divekick,Strong,Fierce,B.Fierce,You Hou, follow up with strong shoulder(Tetsu Zankou)fierce lunge (Zesshou Hohou)

72 damage 10 hits

easy combo off a divekick, use it when you land a divekick and combo into strong,fierce,b.fierce

Cl.St.Foward super jump cancel, You Hou

80 damage 6 hits

most damaging combo not guarenteed unless you parry into it. In order to super jump cancel into the super you must tigerknee it, I personally do qcf,tigerknee to do it.

SA2 Sourai Rengeki

Jab,Short,Strong,jab shoulder (Tetsu Zankou)Sourai Rengeki

55 damage 10 hits

your basic punisher however in this combo adding the shoulder does more damage then without

Cr.Strong,Sourai Rengeki

49 damage 7 hits

to far away to do a cl.jab to start your combo this is what to go for, you can hit confirm it

Cr.Forward,Sourai Rengeki

46 damage 7 hits

use this when you're to far away to hit a cl.jab, or a cr.strong, it is possible to hit confirm the super

SA3 Genei Jin

This is the super you're gonna use arguably the best super in the game. Very short bar allowing you to gain it very quickly (my personal best is 9 seconds) it powers up yun's speed and priority allowing yun to combo moves that aren't normally possible

Jab Short Strong xx Genei Jin

learn it. know it. love it. use it.

Jab Short Strong Jab Shoulder(Tetsu Zankou) xx Genei Jin

ONLY AND I MEAN ONLY use this one when the shoulder will give you enough bar to activate as it does take away from the damage of the overall combo

Cl.St.Foward Super Jump Cancel xx Genei Jin

most damaging combo into Genei Jin the most damaging combo you can do is Cl.St.Foward xx gj,kara palm x n

(note: due to the juggle limit. from this set will only get 3 palms and then they will fall through. so to reset the juggle counter do something like Cl.St.Foward xx gj, t Forward(hop kick), palm, kara palm * 4, ender. or Cl.St.Foward xx gj, palm, hop kick, kara palm * 4, ender. the second is more damaging then the first but only by 1 pixel.)

Genei Jin Combos

Note:even if not put in the combo all combos done after a landed jab,short,strong xx genei jin chain

Corner Combos 1.Jab,Short,Strong xx Genei jin, st.strong, f.fierce,hop kick (f.forward) x2, Palm(Kobokushi), hop kick (f.foward)x2, Palm(Kobokushi), DP Roundhouse(Nishou Kyaku), Jab shoulder(Tetsu Zankou), Jab or kara Lunge punch (Tetsu Zankou)

To kara the lunge punch press qcf short and quickly as possible press jab and it will cancel the st.short into the lunge punch adding alittle extra range

This combo seen HERE works on:shotos, urien, necro, alex, q, chun, makoto, twelve, elena,and hugo

2. Jab,Short,Strong xx Genei jin, st.strong, f.fierce,hop kick (f.forward) x2,st.fierce,hop kick (f.forward) x3,st.fierce canceled quickly into DP Roundhouse(Nishou Kyaku),Strong Shoulder(Tetsu Zankou), walk up a bit Cr.strong canceled into DP Short(Nishou Kyaku)

This combo seen HERE works on: dudley, ibuki, remy,yun, and yang

3.Jab,Short,Strong xx Genei jin, st.strong,xx fierce shoulder till the corner then strong shoulder till the meter runs out f.fierce,kara lunge

This combo seen HERE works on everyone and is the standard mid/full screen combo

KO's Variation vs. Urien - st. strong, F Fierce, F MK x2,palm, f mkx2, palm, DP RH, jab shoulder, * walk up c. strong into short upkicks(both hits connect) Then gives you time to taunt to power up without Urien doing anything to you even if he safe falls.

Another Urien Variation

  • Most damaging

St. strong, F fierce, F mk x2, Palm, F MK x2, Palm, MP Dash Punch, Jab shoulder(Side Switch), F Fierce(Another Side Switch), walk up c. strong into short upkicks

Invented by Grahf Swe

Here's a full/midscreen combo, yun vs almost any character:

jab short strong xx genei-jin,st strong x strong shoulder tackle,dash,st strong, hop kick, hop kick, and juggle them to the corner accordingly.

By adding the dash you can connect normal moves which do more damage in the genei-jin than shoulder-only mid/fullscreen combos.

Hugo and Alex as taken from post by Pyrolee

Hugo - Ok. I swear I switch between like 3 combos vs him. I do whatever I feel at the moment. None of the 3 I can get consistently.

Note: Put st. strong, F fierce in the begining of all of them

  1. 1 (Most damaging one by like 4 points) - f mk x2, palm, f mk , WALK up palm, walk up again st. fierce into dp fierce(or MP), dp mp, f fierce, kara dash punch
  1. 2 (Easiest IMO)- f mk x2, palm, f mk x2, Palm, Fierce dash punch, st. mk, F fierce, kara jab dash punch
  1. 3 - F mk x2, palm, f mk x2, Palm, fierce dash punch(or mp depending on his fall), wait a milisec, jab shoulder(Side switch), F fierce(another side switch), kara jab dash punch

Alex - Ok vs him I do these 2 which both do the same damage. I find the first one a lot more easier.

  1. 1 - St. strong, st. rh, palm, F mk, walk up st. rh, palm, f mk, walk up st. rh palm, mp dash punch (or fierce), jab shoulder side switch, f fierce(another side switch), c. rh st rh chain.

I get this almost 100% for some reason its very easy for me and it does hella damage.

  1. 2 - st. strong, st. rh, palm, then walk up st. rh palm x3, mp dash punch (or FP),

2 enders - jab shoulder(side switch), f fierce(another side switch), c. rh st. rh or walk up a bit c. fwd into short upkicks(1 hit)

st. rh, c. fwd into short upkicks (this ender does less damage)

Command Grab Combos

with almost full bar

command grab,mk kicks,mp shoulder,jab shoulder,strong shoulder,strong shoulder,f.fierce,lunge

command grab mk kicks,mp shoulder hop kick hop kick,palm,dp rh,jab shoulder,f.fierce jab lunge

againt chun,mak,q

command grab,,dash,palm or mk depending on meter,ender


bar ending right after kicks: command,mk kicks,strong shoulder,,dp lk

Command Grab combo i stole from sako: command,mk kicks,st.shoulder,walk up a bit palm,lunge,ender depending on how much bar you have

Example sorry for those that can't view putfile vids i'm gonna put the vids on youtube from now on

note:doesn't work on small people twins/ibuki/oro

Frame Data



Command Normals

Special Moves

Super Arts

Additional Frame Data




Super Art Selection


Yun’s short kick will make him move a bit forward, if you can get the timing down *its pretty easy* you can gain extra range on the dash punch and palm.. Kara-Dash punch: qcf, lk~p Kara-Palm: qcb, lk~p Kara-Kara-Palm: mp, qcb, lk~p *make the qcb movement while doing the mp*

KARA COMMAND THROW forward, down forward [roundhouse], down, down back, back [any other kick button] (Not that much more range), upkicks works on everyone, it just depends on the setup beforehand. Standard, most common way to connect it is: rh.upkicks(GJ ends), lp/mp.shoulder,, upkicks. But you can connect rh.upkicks,, upkicks against shotos if rh.upkicks is outside of GJ. Otherwise, the lp/mp.shoulder knocks them too far away to connect the

kara palms

the pyrolee method: This is the true kara-palm during GJ:

Press strong punch while moving the stick half-circle backwards, when you get about 4/5 of the way done you then press short then an IMMEDIATE punch button (usually jab but fierce works too) and then finish moving the stick to back so the punch button causes the palm to come out. It must be done VERY quickly because remember with each button press you are cancelling a very quick move, the 4/5 way motion is done so you do not get a crouching animation, you want every move to be done standing.

Keep in mind when the strong button is being pressed in the stick should be 4/5 of the way done then you kara-cancel the strong by pressing short -> punch button. To give you an idea of where your fingers should be, place your middle finger over strong press it while moving the stick back, then do an immediate throw, let your thumb hit the short first though and your index finger hit the jab, then finish the half circle back motion and release the jab.

In reality this is almost like a double kara move, you must first kara-cancel the strong with the short but at the same time u press the jab (or fierce) to kara-cancel the short as well. The reason this works better than the strong-short(or jab) method is because first the strong comes out which is canceled by the short. However the short is actually cancelled before you can see it by the palmstrike. This eliminates the additional move animation frames compared to the slow “strong then jab then palm” method. With the extra speed of this method you can do palm strikes faster and move in quicker which was a problem with the other way which would eventually drop the character after about 2-3 reps.

While in japan I saw only 2 yun players use the kara-palm, neither KO nor nitto did it. I guess it's too risky to use in tournament play so don't be too frustrated if you can't get it down it is pretty hard to do.

the c-royd method: strong,qcb lk~strong (he says always kara palm with strong so if you mess up you still continue the juggle with strong using pyro's method you get a grab whiff animation

for example: C-Royd Kara Juggle note: The reason why Ryu is jumping is because i wanted to simulate ryu getting launched by a stand MK xx genei cheap (just to show that it could be palmed after a stand MK) However, I started complaining to myself that if i did that, we wouldnt see how much damage all the palms really i just made him can easily land 6 palms on a standing ryu.

(in response to a question about timing) dont really know what to tell ya aside from what is in the video. after the first palm, you wait a split second before pusing MP. If you kara palm too early, your opponent wont be low enough for the palm to hit.

make sure you're cancelling the MP into the LK, and cancelling the LK into the palm. If you push MP, let it recover, and then push LK and let it recover, you'll notice that yun doesnt move forward at all. But if you repeatedly tap MP, LK, MP, LK, MP,LK, yun will move forward. This is because you're cancelling the moves.

To make kara palms easier, use strong punch. Or fierce punch. Never use jab.

in response to another question: The kara palm has to be executed pretty fast. The LK is cancelled really early and therefore you wont be able to see it in my videos because of the lowered frame rate. If you were to perform it on your own you'd see the LK just barely.

The LK cancelled into the palm is pushed at the same speed that you'd perform a kara throw.

remember. Don't use LP to kara palm.



Additional Notes

  • Personal Action: Attack up. (Throws get a minor increase)


Serious Advantage Match-ups

  • Necro
  • Twelve
  • Sean

Advantage Match-ups

  • Chun-Li
  • Makoto
  • Dudley
  • Yang
  • Akuma
  • Urien
  • Ryu
  • Oro
  • Ibuki
  • Elena
  • Alex
  • Remy
  • Q
  • Hugo

Fair Match-ups

  • Yun
  • Ken

Disadvantage Match-ups

Yun has no match-ups where he is at a disadvantage

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

Yun has no match-ups where he is at a serious disadvantage